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Hope instead of cynicism: UNGA President

United Nations, Jan 20 (IANS) Abdulla Shahid, president of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, has stressed the need for hope and warned against cynicism.

“Throughout all our efforts, there is one constant that needs to be present: hope. Yes, the tasks before us are daunting. Yet cynicism offers us no solutions,” he told an informal meeting of the General Assembly on his priorities for the remaining eight months of his office.

“Cynicism is a path to inaction. If we give in to it, we will be lulled into complacency, into the false belief that our actions do not matter and that we can only await the inevitable,” he said.

“Hope is what will strengthen our resolve. Hope is what will give us the courage of our convictions and inspire us to act. Hope is what will remind us of all that we have achieved and all that we can achieve if we work together.”

“That is the basic message I will continue to convey during my ‘Presidency of Hope’. Through hope, we can make a lasting difference. We can overcome this pandemic, achieve universal vaccination, protect the planet, recover sustainably, promote human rights, and revitalise the UN.

“Through hope, we can lay the foundations for a better tomorrow and build on that vision. Through hope we can ensure that the 76th session of the General Assembly is a successful one,” he added.



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