Hijab VS Life… When a Piece of Cloth becomes a Statement

On December 17, 2016; a 20 years British Muslim woman was forced to the ground in a busy shopping area in London and dragged along by her hijab by two teenaged men while she was walking alone in Chingford, east London. The accusers pulled off her headscarf and then pushed her down in a busy metropolitan city. Now, question is that is it a crime to wear head scurf or it is just an attack on a particular community?

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what is hijab?

It is actually a piece of cloth seems like a scurf; wear by Muslim Women. Today, there is lots of controversy against Hijab. Why a progressive society will cover the heads of their women. With this Hijab, the Muslim women often drive, went outside, and went workplace. Does it look relevant?

Relevancy gets sometime weak when sometime comes another belief system; a new perspective. To some of women, it’s a greater weapon to restrict; maybe they are incomplete; yet they are the whole. Sometime it’s also fine not to be a fine person like Sunday morning or Friday Sunset;; they are like a Tuesday 2 A.M, fall from elegance to a dull thud. They sometime believe that they don’t belong around people; they belong to all the leap days that doesn’t happen yet. The way the darkness and sun mixes under their skin and becomes a storm; all don’t see the lighting but all can hear an echo.

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Hijab is important to them to cover themselves up, may be they are extremist for that; yet they want to create a way to life which is always new .justification of wearing veil is actually  to give back to women the ultimate control of their own bodies…. It’s like I wear hijab because it gives me freedom. I do this because I am a Muslim woman who believes her body is her own concern. It makes me feel more secure – so when I wear a scarf I feel safe. Not safe in a “protected from bad people” way, but safe in a comfortable way, like how you feel when your dad hugs you.’’

Now wearing headscarf is shifted to the Western Society also. Hijab gets lots of style trend. It is not necessary to have a black hijab for always; you can wear a designer headscarf with beautiful piece of cloth. It is symbol of variety of colours in mind; not a relationship with a piece of cloth that covers head. It’s a relationship that is constantly evolving. You have literally no idea who is watching you, being inspired, wondering what love or passion or commitment drives you to set yourselves apart.

Wearing head-scurf or standing with the belief…what it signifies most…crime or style statement?

But what’s the meaning of independence? It does not only to stand up on two feet; it means stand up with a belief. Hijab is a piece of cloth that covers the head for Muslim women. Today more than 90% of Muslim Women wants a total ban with Burqa and it is justified also through one sense for daily necessity. But what you think about Hijab?

Today, even the style statement of Muslim Women creates a storm to the eyes of world; because as per the views of religion, they can’t use any chemical product to enhance their beauty. Is it suppression or it is the right way?

There is a justified reason for this action. Some of women belief, that look good and dressing up isn’t a crime. It’s nice actually. But over exerting yourself for the purpose is pathetic. The nose is the right shape, skin is the right shade, lips, hands and feet are the right size. Our height is the perfect and so our natural hair colour/texture. Our voice and laugh are just right. Whatever we dislike to our physical self, is actually is in just our mind. According to the views of a part of woman ‘’Fashion didn’t create us, the particular western standard or any particular conception of beauty didn’t create or define ourselves. Our culture of idea and physical attractiveness did not create ourselves. Almighty created us and he does not create a mistake. Let that sink in.’’

What you think about the viewpoint?

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