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Here’s how to manage two Whatsapp on a single Smartphone!!

Smartphones have become a requisite as far as today’s world is concerned. Similarly, Whatsapp in smartphones is quite a common and necessary app. Whatsapp messenger is a great app for chatting, calling as well as video conferencing. But the problem arises when you have two sims in a single smartphone. Whatsapp allows you to chat at lightning speed as it doesn’t take time for it to deliver the message.

Then, what to do in such a scenario? Can you install two whatsapp on one smartphone? If you are facing same problems, then you don’t need to worry for the same now. Just read this page till the end, you will get to know everything and solution to the above problem.

Let us start by informing you that yes it is possible to operate two whatsapp on a single smartphone. For this, you need to follow the given steps:

  • You are required to go through the “Settings” of your smartphone.
  • Here, you must look for the option of Dual App/ App Twin/ Clone App. You can also search the same in your settings search option.
  • A list of applications installed on your device will appear on the screen.
  • You need to search for Whatsapp and turn the app clone option to “On”.
  • Now, your device will install the app. You can then go to the Menu of your phone.
  • Here, you can observe another Whatsapp icon named as “Clone”. You can register through a new phone number and easily operate both the apps.

Don’t have any of the above options in your smartphone? Then, you may download any of the app cloning applications available on Google Play Store as well as App Store. such as Parallel Space, CM App Clone, App Cloner, 2 Lines for Whatsapp, and Multi Accounts.

  • Now, open the downloaded application on your device.
  • On the Homescreen, you will observe the list of apps that are already installed on your smartphone.
  • Here, you need to look for Whatsapp icon and click on the button given adjacent to it.
  • This will install clone of Whatsapp icon on your device.
  • Now, you may observe Whatsapp Clone icon on your device. Open this application.
  • Finally, register using your another phone number and you are done.

You can easily manage both Whatsapp installed on your phone as the Icons are not identical. One can easily find the difference between both the app icons. Further, the notifications received on your smartphone will mention the name of the app where you have received the message or call in. Now you can finally enjoy two whatsapp on a single smartphone.

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