Florida: Wildfires anticipated to increase within next 48 hours as weather conditions may deteriorate.

Florida has been set ablaze as four brush fires burned down a total of about 400 acres of land so far. It shut down a section of Interstate 75 in southwest Florida on Wednesday.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were coordinating voluntary evacuations in the areas near the fires, confirmed officials.

The fast-pacing fires were seen reaching for about 30 more homes in the Collier County area of Golden Gate Estates, according to the Florida Forestry Service. A toll section of I-75 known as Alligator Alley was shut down for almost 32 kilometers.

The Greater Naples Fire Rescue District led efforts to fight the blazes with two Lee County strike teams and one Sarasota County team.

The Collier County was forced to issue a compulsory evacuation. The fire is fast moving since after midnight Thursday. Fire officials there said the heavy winds would continue to contribute to significant increase in the fire movement.

The weather forecast says more gusty winds are expected at southern and central Florida, where wind gusts could reach 35 miles per hour. A wind advisory has been issued for these parts.

The wildfire isn’t the only weather Floridians should pay attention to, it has been found that an area of low pressure is trying to form near the Sunshine State in the next few days. This will cause further damage to the affected regions and may also contribute in the increase of the fire.

Gusty winds and heavy rain, especially for the southern part of the state, will prove to be a threat to the city. Some areas are also anticipating to see more than 4 inches of rain in the next few days. Some of the rain could also reach the fire zone east of Napes within the next 48 hours.



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