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Florida school shooting – 17 dead and 14 wounded

A 19-year-old man opened fire in Florida school shooting yesterday afternoon. At least 17 people were dead, and fourteen others were wounded badly. Five was the wounded people had life-threatening injuries.

As per the authorities, the man who opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida was identified as Nikolas Cruz. He was arrested in close by Coral Springs. Not much was known about Cruz as he presently was disqualified from Douglas school in Florida for disciplinary reasons. As per the statement by general store chain Dollar Tree, it was confirmed that Cruz worked here at its Parkland store.

The suspect shooter Cruz was getting treatment at the mental hospital clinic for some time. The Florida school shooting initiated around 2:30 pm on Wednesday as the fire alarm was sounded. The suspect who opened fire and killed 17 people were believed to have been armed with semiautomatic rifle along with multiple magazines.

Students used their phones to text their worried parents along with live stream images. Some of those videos feature the screaming part. One girl also told a news channel that she saw a teacher shot dead in front of her eyes, but she remained quiet as the killer passes by walls.

Investigators observed the social media account of the suspect in Florida shooting and the things were really very disturbing. As described by the students of the school Cruz was a disturbed young boy who frequently talks regarding guns and violence. He even posted things on his Instagram account about killing animals and all.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel alleged that the shooting started outside and continued inside. All victims have been identified, but no identities have been made public. Primarily all families of all those victims will be notified.

Robert Runice , Broward Country Public school Superintendent supposed that the school will be closed for the remaining week and the district will offer grief counseling to all students as well as families. He added ‘this day has been noted and observed the worst of humanity. By tomorrow we all will come together to move forward from this disgusting tragedy.’

Donald Trump alleged ‘my prayers as well as condolences to all families of victims of this terrible Florida school shooting incident. Nobody including students, teachers and anyone else should feel secure in an American school.’

Florida school shooting Terror in Florida

Florida is known to be the safest city, but after this incident, all are in terror. After shooting students as well a staff steaming out of the school. The suspect at first mixed himself in the crowd but not successful in this attempt. After the news of Florida school shooting spread, all parents gathered near the school and started searching for their children.

Melissa Falkowski, a teacher, supposed that ‘we could be more prepared for this situation. We could have trained yourself as well as trained the kids for what to do. I really feel today that our government and country had failed us and also failed kids and also did not keep us safe’.

This incident appears to be the  8th deadliest mass shooting in the history of US that caused injury and death.

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