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Ex-US Senator advise India, US should go for pre-emptive strikes, destroy Pakistan nuclear sites



Ex-US Senator advise India, US

Advising that together India and the US conduct pre-emptive strikes in Pakistan to destroy its nuclear sites. The sites where weapons have been stored or else being made.

Yesterday, earlier US Senator Larry Pressler told media that Mr Trump may turn out to be the finest American president yet for India. He had recently put Pakistan on note for harbouring terrorists. The ex-Senator hopes Trump will proceed on the notice.

He said, but for this to ensure, Trump would have to get about the Pentagon, which forever encouraged Pakistan. Such backup supports Pakistan to attack India as “the mother of terrorism” and “predator” at the UN general assembly session. Trump’s explanation of the Pentagon as “a swamp” was a good indication; hopeful the US president would exhaust it soon.

A three-term Senator and two times a member of the House of Representatives, Pressler authored the famous Pressler Amendment. In 1990  it blocked US military help to Pakistan.  After that US President George H W Bush could not endorse Pakistan was not developing nukes.

As the release of shut to 30 F-16 aircraft to Islamabad banned, Pressler, chief of the Senate’s arms control subcommittee, became a hero in India and a devil in Pakistan.

Pressler latest book, Neighbours in Arms, alluringly tells the tale of the amendment and the US foreign policy. It depicts that it enable Pakistan to increase nuclear weapons. It also casts a harsh spotlight on the culture of lobbying in Washington along with the hold of the military-industrial state inside the US.

Pressler has long spaced out himself from the Republican Party. He contested Senate polls as an Independent in 2014 in addition to backed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential elections.  But in spite of differences with Trump, he senses the president is not doing half as poorly as US media portrays.

Trump caution to Pakistan on its covering and export of terror, connecting of US help to “action on terror”. Also his demand to India to “assist us more with Afghanistan” signals a recasting of relations.

He supposed that  “The US must assert Pakistan a terrorist state It should also cut off all help and must not treat India and Pakistan as equal. India is a democracy, Pakistan is not. As the ISI have lied to us for decades,”.

Pressler was condemned when, in the 1990s, he had uttered concerns in relation to an “Islamic bomb.” He supposed he stood justified today and that the expansion of ISIS and similar groups led him to fear. The fear is  that fundamentalist organisations and not individual states  may craft a “Caliphate.”



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