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England Issued New Guidelines For Overseas Travelers, May Losing Flight Without New Permit

Due to COVID-19, England has asked overseas travelers to accept the norms and submit the ‘Declaration to Travel’ form.

England has issued new guidelines regarding COVID-19 where overseas travelers have to accept the new law over arrival and departure at Airport. From Monday, anyone travelling overseas from England will have to prove they are allowed to travel, or passenger will be fined and cause losing flight.

As per the new guidelines issued by the England government, travelers will need to complete a “Declaration to travel” document from a government website.

The form sets out that their trip is permitted under current restrictions, such as for education or work.

Police officers will conduct spot checks and in case of not filling the declaration form, police may ask travelers to complete the form filling process.

“It will be turned into a risk if passengers fail to produce a completed form and individuals face a 200 pound fine”, the Department for Transport warned.

Anyone who denies submitting the valid completed form may be not allowed to access their flight.

As per the new rule, travelers have to give the reason of leaving that why they are leaving the country? Purpose of arrivals and departure must be mentioned in the ‘Declaration to travel’ form.

Declaration to travel form: What is required to fill the form?

The form is made available on the government website. Passengers will have to download the form from the government’s website, signed before travel and carried or downloaded onto a mobile phone.

Three-page form requires travelers to fill out their personal details such as name, country, mobile number, etc and tick a box indicating why they are leaving the country.

The Airline will check the forms before boarding, either at check-in (online or check-in desk) or at the departure gate.


Currents lockdown restricts the passengers to travel abroad as it is legal to travel without a permitted reason that includes- work, funeral, education, medication, volunteering.


In case of not submitting the declaration form while accessing the international flight, police officers will ask travelers to return home and charge legal fine that cost from 200 pounds to 6, 400 pounds.

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