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Cyril Ramaphosa- New president of South Africa elected by a majority in Parliament

Yesterday, Cyril Ramaphosa selected as South Africa’s president by a majority in parliament. Jacob Zuma resigned a day earlier under the increasing pressure from the party.

On Wednesday, Jacob Zuma resigned and left both the ANC leadership as well as the second most significant economy of the continent. Following the selection, Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation. He alleged ‘we intend to carry on improving as well as enhancing the lives of our people.’ after that, he was sworn in as president of South Africa.

Cyril Ramaphosa is a business tycoon and also the wealthiest man in South Africa. His net worth is valued about 450 million dollars. He was the previous labour leader who Nelson Mandela expected would succeed him as a President. Ramaphosa is a lawyer by profession and was detained for anti-apartheid activism in 1970. In 1982 he also launched the National Union of Mineworkers, which was known to be the most powerful trade union.

Following the news regarding Cyril Ramaphosa, the stock market of South Africa jumped up to four percent. In his speech, the new president supposed ‘the lives f the people of our nation have been civilizing on a continuing basis.’ He added and indicated the matter of corruption that is on the radar of the party. In his opening speech after the selection, he promised that he would tackle the corruption which allegedly spread under Mr Zuma.

 It’s a dream come true for Cyril Ramaphosa

Selection of Cyril Ramaphosa as a leader of ANC was made in December only. His election as a president was just a predetermined conclusion given by the majority of the party. It was said earlier too that he has his eye on the president seat since the ANC came into power that was in 1994. He was also very upset when Nelson Mandela did not choose him to be his successor.

At present, he finally realized that dream with his primary objective to revive the battered economy of South Africa. However, it is not an easy work to accomplish, as unemployment is at present about 30 percent and which rises to about 40 percent. He also swears that he will work for the ordinary citizen as the new president.

Police raid on Zuma linked property just after new presidency speech

Following the speech by new president Cyril Ramaphosa in assembly police confirm the shocking news. They revealed that one of the associates of Zuma had failed to twist himself in next police raids on his family property. As per a spokesman of the elite police force of South Africa authorities were actively searching out for the Ajay Gupta.

Ajay Gupta is one of the three brothers from a family connected with Zuma. Their compound was raided and considered him an escapee and asked him to surrender. Gupta’s are the wealthy allies of Zuma and blamed of utilizing their links with him for financial profit. However, they denied all the allegations.

Yesterday’s raid was connected to the Vrede Farm scandal. In it, three Guptas along with government officials were blamed of thieving money allocated to offer benefits to pitiable farmers. Zuma has also been implicated in this scandal however he along with Guptas refused to accept his involvement.

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