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COVID-19 World Update: total 74.82 lakh patients

The virus has claimed 4 lakh 19 thousand 494 lives. The total number of cases in world is now 74 lakh 82 thousand 740 including 37 lakh 98 thousand 146 recovered cases. On Thursday, Russia gave permission to new medicine AviFavir for the treatment of corona patients. This medicine has been developed in Russia. The health ministry of Russia gave permission to this medicine. The test of this medicine is very less. More than 10 countries have asked Russia to provide them AviFavir (medicine).

TOP 10 affected countries by COVID-19

AMERICA: 20, 66,508 total cases; 1, 15,140 deaths; 8, 08,494 recovered

BRAZIL: 7, 75,184 total cases; 39,797 deaths; 3, 80,300 recovered

RUSSIA: 5, 02,436 total cases; 6,532 deaths; 2, 61,150 recovered

BRITAIN: 2, 90,143 total cases; 41,128 deaths; not available

SPAIN: 2, 89,360 total cases; 27,136 deaths; not available

INDIA: 2, 87, 679 total cases; 8,115 deaths; 1, 41,119 recovered

ITALY:  2, 35,763 total cases; 34, 114 deaths; 1, 69,939 recovered

PERU: 2,086,823 total cases; 5,903 deaths; 98, 031 recovered

GERMANY:  1, 86,866 total cases; 8,844 deaths; 1, 71,200 recovered

IRAN: 1, 80,156 total cases; 8,584 deaths; 1, 42,663 recovered



  • The borders of the Europe will be opened by July 1. European Commission has asked European Union to issue the list for the passengers from Non-European country that can enter the country.


EU said: China and Russia are spreading fake information

European Union (EU) said that China and Russia are spreading fake information regarding the pandemic. These countries are portraying their images through fake news. Věra Jourová, EU head have demanded these countries to stop spreading fake news.

Pakistan: More than 1.19 lakh cases

5834 new cases have been recorded in last 24 hours. These are maximum cases recorded in 1 day. The lockdown has been ended by the government and the cases are rapidly increasing here. More than 1.19 lakh cases have been recorded in the country. The WHO has announced to put the lock down again after monitoring the number of cases in the country.


Sri Lanka: Elections will take place on August 5

The elections in the country have been postponed once again due to the ongoing pandemic. The election was about to happen on June 20 which will now take place on June 20. Before this, the elections were to happen on April 25. The rule of masking and social distancing is a must for elections. 1869 cases have been recorded along with 11 deaths in the country.


America: 1.15 lakh deaths

President Trump will start an election rally from Oklahoma on June 19. 3 rallies were already been paused due to pandemic.  The rally will start from Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma from June 19. America is the most affected country. More than 20.67 lakh cases have been recorded including 1.15 lakh deaths.


Mexico: 708 deaths in 24 deaths

More than 15 thousand 357 deaths have been recorded in country so far including 708 deaths in past 24 hours. 4833 new cases have been recorded. With this the total number of patients is 1 lakh 30 thousand.


France: Jobs of 8 lakh employees in risk

France is one of the most affected countries of Europe. The finance minister warned the citizens and said that the jobs of more than 8 lakh employees are in risk in coming few months. Here the number of cases is increasing while the number of deaths is decreasing. Total number of cases in country is 1.55 lakh including 29 thousand 319 deaths.


China: 11 foreign residents found positive

On Wednesday, 11 foreign residents have been identified positive. According to National Health Commission, total 1797 imported cases have been identified including 1736 recovered and 61 under treatment.


Brazil: 1274 deaths in a day

The health ministry of the country said that this virus have claimed the lives of 1274 citizens in a day. The death toll of the country have touched 39 thousand 803. 32,913 new cases were recorded on Wednesday. The total number of cases is now 75 lakh 581. Brazil is the second most affected country after America.



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