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COVID-19 World Update: Total 71.23 lakh cases in world  

4 lakh 6 thousand 777 patients are killed due to Corona Virus in the world. The number of total infectious people is now 71 lakh 23 thousand 759 whereas 34 lakh 78 thousand 30 people have recovered from the virus. 55 people have died from corona virus in Britain in last 24 hours. This is the lowest number after 22 March. More than 40,000 people have lost their lives due to this disease whereas total number of confirmed cases is more than 2.87 lakhs.

TOP 10 affected countries by COVID-19

AMERICA: 20, 08,266 total cases; 1, 12,477 deaths; 7, 61,723 recovered

BRAZIL: 6, 91,962 total cases; 36,499 deaths; 3, 02,084 recovered

RUSSIA: 4, 67,685 total cases; 5,971 deaths; 2, 30,688 recovered

SPAIN: 2, 88,630 total cases; 27,136 deaths; not available

BRITAIN: 2, 86194 total cases; 40,542 deaths; not available

INDIA: 2, 58, 090 total cases; 7,207 deaths; 1, 24,095 recovered

ITALY:  2, 34,998 total cases; 33, 899 deaths; 1, 65,837 recovered

PERU: 1, 96,515 total cases; 8,281 deaths; 86,219 recovered

GERMANY:  1, 85,869 total cases; 8,776 deaths; 1, 69,100 recovered

IRAN: 1, 71,789 total cases; 8,281 deaths; 1, 34,349 recovered

All the number are taken from


Russia: 8985 new cases

8985 confirmed cases have been recorded in Russia in last 24 hours and 112 people have died due to this disease. The number of total deaths is 5971 whereas more than 4 lakh 67 thousand people are found positive. Moscow’s Mayor said that the lock down will be put to an end in city on June 9.

Singapore: Half of the cases had no symptoms

As per the head of corona virus task force, half of the patients found had no symptoms of COVID-19. These types of patients are coming from few weeks only. Total number of cases recorded is more than 38 thousand and 25 patients have lost their lives to this virus.

Brazil: Aggression on Government

Here 904 people have died due to COVID-19. With this, the death toll has increased to 36,000+. In this South American country, citizens aggression towards the government have increased. According to a media report, Brazil government has not given any information about the pandemic since 4 June. The residents blames that the government is hiding the numbers from country and the world.

China: Information given to WHO on time

The countries like America and other countries have blamed China for hiding the information regarding the virus but China denied this fact and continues to say that the information was given on time. According to China as soon as COVID-19 breaks out, they have informed WHO. The virus was found on January 8 and since 11 January the information was given to WHO regularly.

New Zealand: Victory over Virus

The health ministry of the country told that no cases have been recorded since May 22. President had a conversion with media and said that there is no active case in the country. The prohibition will also be removed very soon from the country. This is a notable victory. The president thanked all the people. The New Zealand government had imposed a strict lock down of 75 days. However, the border of the countries will not be opened. Total 1154 cases were recorded in the country and 22 people died due to the virus. Total 2 lakh 94 thousand 800 tests were done. Social distancing will also be removed from country.

UAE: Indian doctor lost his life

One Indian doctor lost his life to this virus. He was 61 years old and was working in Royal hospital. He got infected while treating the corona positive patients. He was admitted on May 11.

America: Increasing cases

The total number of cases has crossed the toll of 20 lakh. This is the highest number in the world. New York and New York City are the most affected areas. President Trump on Saturday said that the numbers of cases are more due to high number of tests. The tension of government has increased after the murder of George Floyd by the police officers. The people are now rebellious here. We can spot people easily with the mask but they complete forget about social distancing



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