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COVID-19 WORLD UPDATE:  The toll have reached 61.54 lakhs in the world

61 lakhs 54 thousand and 35 people are infectious due to the COVID-19 virus. As of now, 27 lakhs 34 thousand and 637 people have recovered. The death toll has reached 3 lakhs 70 thousand and 893. There are 2.72+ lakhs positive cases in Britain whereas 38,000+ patients have died. The government gave permission due to the pressure of the citizens. During this time, the government’s scientist advisors along with deputy chief medical officers came in front of the media and said that they wanted to give freedom but they should follow the guidelines with strictness because the country is in a dangerous zone. 30,000+ cases have been recorded in Brazil in the past 24 hours. The total cases are 5 lakhs.


In this time of crisis, American Space Agency, NASA has given license to manufacture a ventilator to only 18 companies worldwide. Out of 18, 8 are American companies including 3-3 from India and Brazil. The companies which got the license for manufacturing are Alpha design technologies; Bharat Ford Limited and Medha Sarno Drives Limited.


TOP 100 affected countries by COVID-19

AMERICA: 18, 16,820 total cases; 1, 05,557 deaths; 5, 35,238 recovered

BRAZIL: 4, 98,440 total cases; 28,834 deaths; 2, 05,371 recovered

RUSSIA: 3, 96,575 total cases; 4,555 deaths; 1, 67,469 recovered

SPAIN: 2, 86,308 total cases; 27,125 deaths; 1, 96,958 recovered

BRITAIN: 2, 72,826 total cases; 38,376 deaths; not available

ITALY:  2, 32,664 total cases; 33, 340 deaths; 1, 55,633 recovered

FRANCE: 1, 86,625 total cases; 28,771 deaths; 68,268 recovered

GERMANY:  1, 83,294 total cases; 8,600 deaths; 1, 64,900 recovered

INDIA: 1, 81, 827 total cases; 5,185

deaths; 86,936 recovered

TURKEY: 1, 63,103 total cases; 4,515 deaths; 1, 26,984 recovered

These numbers are taken from


BRAZIL: The number of deaths is more than France

890 have died in the last 24 hours. The total deaths have reached 28 thousand 834. This number is more than France, Europe’s fourth country in terms of COVID-19 cases, deaths. A total of 28,771 people has died in France.


AMERICA: 960 deaths in 1 day

960 patients have lost their lives in 1 day and 23,000+ new cases have been recorded and a total of 1 lakhs 5 thousand 557 patients have died whereas toll of total cases has touched 18 lakhs.


SPAIN: 271 new cases recorded in 24 hours

The total cases have reached 2 lakh 39 thousand 228 including 271 new cases. This number was told by the health ministry on Saturday.  95 cases were recorded in Madrid and 88 were recorded in Catalonia. 43 people have lost their lives in the last 7 days. The total deaths are 27,125. To take the economy back on track, a 4 phase plan was started in Spain from 28 April. The first phase was started on 11 May.


Saudi Arabia: 1618 new cases were found

1618 new cases were found in Saudi Arabia. This information was given by health ministry via a tweet. The total cases have risen to 83,384. 22 new deaths were recorded. As of now, a total of 480 deaths have been recorded while 1870 patients have recovered. The total number of recovered patients have reached 58, 883. The health minister has appealed to the citizen to take precautions.


QATAR: 2,355 new cases

2,335 total new cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours. The total number of cases has increased to 55, 262. The number of deaths is still to 36. The improvement in health was seen in 5,235 patients. 25,839 patients have recovered so far.


CHILE: 94, 858 cases

Total of 94,858 cases have been recorded in the country. 997 people have lost their lives to this virus. 4,220 new cases and 53 deaths been recorded in the last 24 hours. 40,431 patients have recovered so far.

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