COVID-19 WORLD UPDATE : North America is the worst hit by the virus with 21.52+ lakh cases; total  66.07 lakh cases

The toll of the infectious people has raised to 66 lakhs 07 thousand 825. 31 lakhs 93 thousand 394 people have recovered and 3 lakhs 88 thousand 575 people lost their lives due to this virus. North America has nearly 88% of cases that count for more than 19 lakh cases. Before this, maximum cases were in Europe but eventually, the cases are decreasing.

TOP 100 affected Countries by COVID-19

AMERICA: 19, 03,868 total cases; 1, 09,176 deaths; 6, 88,811 recovered

BRAZIL: 5, 87,017 total cases; 32,602 deaths; 2, 66,132 recovered

RUSSIA: 4, 41,108 total cases; 5,384 deaths; 2, 04,623 recovered

SPAIN: 2, 87,406 total cases; 27,128 deaths; not available

BRITAIN: 2, 79,856 total cases; 39,728 deaths; not available

ITALY:  2, 33,836 total cases; 33, 601 deaths; 1, 60,938 recovered

INDIA: 2, 17, 967 total cases; 6,094 deaths; 1, 04,371 recovered

GERMANY:  1, 84,470 total cases; 8,701 deaths; 1, 67,800 recovered

PERU: 1, 78, 914 total cases; 4,894 deaths; 72,319 recovered

TURKEY: 1, 66,422 total cases; 4,609 deaths; 1, 30,852 recovered

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  • Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that if the vaccine of corona comes out, it should be available for everyone.
  • 15 June will be celebrated as the day of defeat of corona pandemic in New Zealand. The health officials said that there are no cases of corona in last 13 days in the country.
  • Fines were imposed on 9 Indian students for breaking rules issued by country for combating the disease.

Israel: Knesset Member found positive

One Knesset member in Israel was found positive. The further proceedings were paused on Thursday. Knesset member Sami Abu isolated himself after his driver was tested positive. According to media reports, he met lots of people during the isolation fortnight. He went to Knesset and Knesset’s cafeteria. Every person who came in contact is asked to isolate themselves.

China: The whole population testing of another city will take place

The testing of whole city of Mudanjiang, a city adjacent to Russia’s border will take place. The total population is 28 lakhs. Here 15 people were tested positive in last 15 days.  They had no symptoms of the virus. This city would be the second epicentre after Wuhan where the testing of whole population will take place.

8831 cases were recorded in Russia in last 24 hours

8831 new cases were recorded in last 24 hours, 169 people died. The total cases have reached 4.41 lakhs. 5384 people have lost their lives to this virus. This is the third country after America and Brazil with the most confirmed cases.

Pakistan: the number of cases is now more than China.

The cases in Pakistan is more than China which accounts for 85 thousand 264. The country stands at 17th position in world.

South America: 9.86 lakh cases

The South America is now becoming the epicentre with more than 9 lakh and 86 thousand. Here, the country with most cases is Brazil where there are more than 5 lakh 84 thousand cases. This counts for nearly 59%.  Here the death toll have risen to 44 thousand 319 including more than 32 thousand deaths in Brazil.

Britain: More than 39 thousand deaths

The passengers will have to be in 14 day isolation. A fine of Rs 95,000 will be imposed (1000 pounds) for breaking the rules. Priti Patel, home minister told about this fine. The airlines companies told this idea a useless one. 359 people died and 1871 positives were recorded in 1 day. The death toll have reached 39 thousand 728 whereas the confirmed cases have reached 2 lakh 79 thousand 856.

Brazil: 1349 deaths were recorded in last 24 hours

Brazil lost 1349 lives in last 24 hours. This is the most effected country in South America. Total number of deaths in the country as of now is 32 thousand 602 whereas 5 lakh 87 thousand 17 people are affected by the virus.

Mexico: The virus claimed the lives of more than 1000 people.

In last 24 hours 3912 people were found positive and 1092 people died. The number of positive cases has crossed 1 lakh whereas 11 thousand 729 people died.

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