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Compassionate Integrity Training Program is Launched by UNESCO MGIEP to help youngsters to deal with stress and fear


The UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute Of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) and Life University, USA has invited application for training programs in social and emotional learning SEL called Compassionate Integrity Training Programs. This course will help student to suppress their anxiety, fear, and stress. This course has been specially designed for the betterment of the students. Applicants under the age range from 18 to 34 can apply for the same.

These programs contain self-cultivation, relation to others, and engaging in system topics which bring new ways of understanding the situation and dealing with unfavoured circumstances.

As per the official notification, “the course will train learner in the  skill such as cheerfulness, dealing with stress, mindfulness, compassion, empathy, commitment towards careers, equipping youth by providing them mechanisms for their emotional and mental well being along with skill that help contribute towards the development of peaceful and sustainable societies.”

The institute further added that the youth is the fundamental aspect of society and their well-being must be a matter of consideration, for this purpose we have introduced these courses so that we can build a better society for them and they also take their life respectively. Stress, anxiety, and fear are the normal symptoms these days but their consequences are not normal. So that we expect, these programs will better help youth to deal with these problems.


“Youth has been one of the most badly impacted, with the lockdown including closure of schools and colleges. Learning is something which makes them realize that they are contributing something into the society by gaining knowledge but slowing down in learning culture and migration to virtual modes of learning as well as switch remote work modalities gradually impacting them. Restriction in the movement have been prevalent for many of us for months and have often resulted in feeling of stress and fear which adversely affect the mental health,” It said.


This course is an online learning program and divided into three-part. Anyone in the age group of 18 to 34 can access these courses in their own space. It includes practices such as reflective writing, contemplating journaling exercises, and guided audio practices.


Syllabus that cover under the three-part learning programs

Part –one:  It includes self-cultivation, relation to others, and engaging systems. It also provides skill-related course which play an imperative role in our daily life such as calming body and mind, role of ethical knowledge, emotional awareness, and self-control over the circumstances along with mindfulness.

Second –part:  Under the second part of the online learning program, you will be taught how to cultivate action and attitudes that help others. Basically, it teaches you how to respond to the different behavior without stressing self.

Third-part:   The third part aims at helping the learner or youngsters to build a strong and deeper connection with their surroundings.

Besides students, the course is also being offered to educators. “CIT will offer the skill to help deal with the daily stress and mental pressure of being a teacher educator and bring more compassion into one’s school,” UNSECO MGIEP addressed.



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