China delays Masood Azhar listing for Fourth consecutive time, amid global backlash

China has blocked a UN resolution for 4th consecutive time to declare Pulwama attack mastermind and a designated terrorist group chief Maulana Masood Azhar, Speculated to be operating on Pakistani soil.

The group took responsibility for a suicide bombing on passing a paramilitary convoy of Indian armed forces in the disputed Kashmir region killing at least 40 of them, deadliest attack since decades in one of the most highly militarized zones in the world, the Indian administered Kashmir.

The resolution moved by India’s allies the US, Britain and France was aimed to the assets freeze, ban on travel and arms embargo for JeM chief Masood Azhar. In the backdrop of the vote, India thanked its allies and responsible nations for their support and vowed to bring terrorist leaders to justice hinting at its continued efforts to isolate Pakistan globally, as top ranking minister said a few weeks ago.

The dastardly attack last month brought both the nuclear-armed neighbours on the verge of a war followed by weeks irresponsible statements and war-mongering media rhetorics on both sides of the borders.

Indian leadership, just a few months away from a general election, was under pressure to respond to terrorist activities on it’s land by carrying out an airstrike inside Pakistan’s international border near Balakot just miles away from Lahore, first since 1971 war between both south-Asian neighbours which was followed by a dogfight leading to shooting down of Indian fighter jets and capturing of its wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

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The flare-up started to de-escalate when PM of Pakistan Imran Khan decided to release the IAF pilot which it calls is a ‘peace gesture’ and not under anyone’s pressure. After crossing the spectacular Wagah border the wing commander, who was hailed as a hero in India for his patience, valour and professionalism, was welcomed back in India.

The latest move was defended by Chinese delegation citing for some more “time needed to study matter” and to find a “lasting solution acceptable to all”. India responded with being “disappointed by this outcome” due to “a member nation”, which was symbolic as it avoided naming China directly on the issue.

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