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China In Hysteria As Corona Virus Crosses Borders

More than 2,000 people around the globe have been infected with this virus that has a death toll of 56 people along with a doctor killed by 2019-nCov in China. The trace of the virus has been found in the seafood market in Wuhan that has been illegally selling wildlife. The cases have been spread to Beijing and Shanghai as well.

According to China’s market watchdog, agricultural ministry and forestry bureau’s joint statement, China bans nationwide wildlife trade from markets to supermarkets, restaurants and e-commerce sites as the coronavirus spread across borders. Any place that breeds wildlife should be isolated and transportation has been banned. This ban will begin from Sunday.

China has confirmed human-to-human transmission which even happens from eye to eye as well. The cases have reached Nepal, Russia, France, Malaysia, UK, Thailand, South Korea, Japan etc. This has led to the WHO to arrange an emergency meeting last Monday claiming an animal source to be the reason for the outbreak. The difficulties of containing it would be difficult as many had/would travel abroad during the Lunar New Year holiday week.

With the number of cases rising filling several hospitals in China, hospital staff are left with no time to go to the bathroom making them wear adult diapers. The city with around 11 million residents go to quarantine on Thursday and with this lockdown, there is an overwhelming amount of patients in the city seeking treatment. The medical staff resorted to wearing diapers so that they don’t have to rip open their hazmat suits which have low supply leading to a shortage of hazmat suits along with gear protective goggles and surgical masks.

According to President Xi Jinping, curbing the outbreak and saving lives would be the top priority. The US will evacuate its staff in Wuhan consulate on a special flight. There will be a special screening of passengers travelling from Wuhan in different countries.


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