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Businessman and younger brother of Donald Trump’s, Robert passed away on Saturday

Donald Trump’s brother Robert dies, he was 71years old and he was a businessman. Robert Trump, the younger brother of US President Donald Trump, has passed away. Businessman Robert was 71 years old. He was undergoing treatment at a hospital in New York. According to a statement issued by the White House, Robert left the world on Saturday. President Trump had earlier met his seriously-ill brother at a New York City hospital on Friday.

Donald Trump said in a statement, “I have to say with a heavy heart that my brother was very close to my heart. He was not only my brother but also a best friend. He will be greatly missed. His memories always remain in my heart Will stay. Robert, I love you. ”

The president was expected to attend the funeral, an aide said. He has a busy travel schedule in coming days with plans to visit four battleground states as part of his re-election campaign. The cause of death was not revealed. Trump told reporters on Friday that his brother was “having a hard time” with an undisclosed illness. A source familiar with the situation said the brother had been on blood thinners.

This incident happened at a time when Donald Trump is trying to become the President of America for the second consecutive time. It is being told that Trump’s campaign team has formed 4 new organizations to woo voters of Indian-Americans, Sikhs, Muslims and other South Asian communities.

According to the news agency PTI, about 1.3 million Indian-Americans are expected to vote for the presidential election in the US in November. About two million of these people live in Pennsylvania and 125,000 in Michigan.

The publicity team has formed Indian Voices for Trump, Hindu Voices for Trump, Sikhs for Trump and Muslim Voices for Trump. The team says members of these communities in the US will work to unite against the socialist agenda of presidential candidate Joe Biden and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris.


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