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Billy Graham – World’s preeminent Evangelical died

Billy Graham, evangelist pastor as well as a counsellor to presidents, died yesterday. He was the charismatic North Caroline pastor who achieved a reach, unlike any other evangelist. He had been serving as a counsellor or else minister to about a dozen U.S presidents.

Billy Graham died at his residence in Montreat, just before 8 am. In 1990 he was actually diagnosed with Parkinson’s like symptoms. His physician just came after twenty minutes and alleged that he died in his sleep. This death of Billy Graham is described as a very peaceful passing by his nurse and doctor, as he was not in any kind of pain at that time.

Graham preached about 215 million people in around 185 countries all through his lifetime. His message had been reached millions, from the time he maintained a near constant presence on television, radio as well as internet. He also wrote numerous books comprising ‘Just as I Am’ which was New York Times bestseller.

Billy Graham has convinced nearly about three million people to commit their lives to Christianity. He was known to be one of the dominant religious leaders of his times.

Stable charisma of Billy Graham among top leaders

Billy Graham had offered prayer as well as personal advice to every president. In last few years he took a less role however then also earned much praise from President Donald Trump

. US President tweeted just after Graham’s death ‘GREAT Billy Graham. There was nobody liked him and will be missed by Christians as well as all religions. He was a very special man.’

Mike Pence, a Vice-president, alleged that we were saddened when Karen and I came to know about the passing of one of the greatest Americans of the 20th century. Jimmy Carter, former president, supposed in a statement that ‘The news of his death deeply saddens my wife Rosalyn and me’. George H.W. Bush, the former president, called  Graham as an America’s pastor. He also added that Billy was a mentor to numerous of his children.

His body will arrive at Billy Graham training center which is in Asheville today. On Saturday a private family prayer service will take place. The private funeral service will be carried out on 2nd March, and till then his body will lay in repose ay Graham Family Homeplace with a closed casket.

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