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Benjamin Netanyahu greeted warmly by Trump after years of frigid relations

Yesterday, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump greeted each other cordially. Following years of strained relations throughout the term of President Barack Obama, which was reflected by the two leaders before the press also.

Donald Trump hosted Israeli PM Netanyahu in Oval office. He supposed ‘we have the best relations right now with Israel that we have ever had.’

For years Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has displayed himself as the individual. He gave his best to keep the country safe. He is known to be Israel’s youngest Prime Minister. His initial term was brief however dramatic which was beset by segments in his coalition.

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Relations of Benjamin Netanyahu with Barack Obama

Throughout Obama’s two-term the ties amid US and Israel was very tense owing to stiff body language as well as brief remarks. In 2013 Obama’s photo all through the phone call with Netanyahu was circulated. It shows the president with his feet on the desk and which is perceived as a disrespectful gesture in the Middle East.

Israeli newspaper wrote that ‘president is observed with his legs up and which clearly shows that he was scatting to Netanyahu. As an enthusiast Obama knows that pointing of sole of shoes is a matter of great insult.’

Again in 2015 Obama was blamed for funding an effort aligned with Benjamin Netanyahu re-election bid. The relations amid two nations worsen when Obama move forward with Iran nuclear deal. He also passed the resolution accusing Israeli settlement in West Bank.

Trump made a real move of peace

On Monday, Donald Trump-hosted Benjamin Netanyahu. It was the foremost time both leaders met since Trump declares that the US will shift its embassy to Jerusalem. In addition, would legitimately recognize it as Israel’s capital.  On this move, Trump supposed that ‘what better to make peace.’ He noted that the embassy move offers ‘a real chance for peace.’

Benjamin Netanyahu also praised Trump’s decision to shift the embassy. He also alleged that ‘Mr. Trump will be remembered by our populace throughout the ages.’ He added that ‘others talk about it, but you did it.’ As many presidents pledged to do this on their campaign trail, however never delivered on their promises.



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