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Beirut blast updates:16 workers arrested; Sweden and France to help in investigation

The death toll in the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday has risen to 157. 16 employees of Beirut harbor have been arrested for breaking the rules. The Military Court has formed an inquiry committee. It has been asked to investigate the matter and make suggestions for the future. The committee will submit the initial report to the court in 4 days. Meanwhile, Sweden and France have assured help to Lebanon in investigating the incident.

18 people questioned

The investigation of the blast on Tuesday is moving fast. 18 people have been questioned. On the orders of Military Court Judge Fadi Akiki, 16 people have been arrested. The court has sought an initial report from the inquiry committee in 4 days. The government has been asked whose carelessness kept 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in containers in the port for 7 years. The Port Ministry has been asked whether approval was taken for this. Where it was to be used.

The government in double trouble

The Lebanese government is in trouble after the blast. Protests are taking place against it in many parts of the country including the capital Beirut. Angry people allege that Beirut Port was blasted due to government failure and negligence. Therefore, the entire cabinet should resign. In some cities, protesters set shops on fire. The government wants to avoid using more force because it can provoke violence.

France and Sweden will help

French President Emmanuel Macron has offered the Lebanese government help in the investigation. Sweden did the same. It is believed that experts from both countries will reach Beirut soon. Macron also offered advice to the Lebanese government with the offer of help. The situation in Lebanon needs to improve soon. But, this cannot happen unless the government and leaders here take a serious approach towards reforms.

Death toll raised

It was as expected. The death toll in Tuesday’s blast rose to 157 late Thursday. More than five thousand people are injured. The situation is so bad that the debris of the buildings near the port have not been removed yet. It is believed that some more bodies may have been recovered from the debris. Smoke can be seen rising from the debris.


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