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Austin Dillion won most prestigious race of NASCAR

Austin Dillion won the 60th annual Daytona 500 2018, which was played out at Sunday at Daytona International Speedway. Wallace came second and was 0.260 seconds behind Austin Dillion. On the third position came Denny Hamlin who was just .002 seconds ahead.

Previously Dale Earnhardt Sr. won his only Daytona 500 twenty years ago. On Sunday Austin Dillion claimed to be the winner following the spinning as well as passing Aric Almirola on the final lap. This was known to be the second win of Austin Dillion. This also means that he will be heading back to layoff to compete for NASCAR championship soon after this season.

The win for Austin Dillion came as he raced in this competition in the iconic number 3 car. This car was made popular seventeen years ago when racing Icon Dale Earnhardt was the winner in the same car.

Following the win, Dillion dedicated his win to Dale and alleged that ‘it was so awesome to take the same car back to victory lane. This was for the iconic Dale Earnhardt Sr. as well as senior fans.’ At that time twenty years ago Austin stood in Victory Lane and was just a seven-year-old kid.

Yesterday’s victory was recognized as the first existing competition of NASCAR 2018. Along with it Austin Dillion second career Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series victory as well as his primary at Daytona.

After the victory, Dillion also supposed that ‘my grandfather has done everything for me and everyone is well acquitted with it. There was much pressure on me to perform as I had a little bit of everything. I liked that pressure which was linked with number 3 too.’

Austin Dillion drove the iconic car of number 3 which was famous by Dale to win seventeen years to the day. The NASCAR legend was killed in an accident on the final round of the Daytona 500 competition.

This victory of Austin also came during the 20th-anniversary celebration of Dale Earnhardt‘s win in The Great American Race’. Surprisingly Dillion was not a factor in Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet till the final round. The time he got a push from Wallace Jr that assisted him to acquire to lead.


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