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PIA plane crash investigation report: Aviation Minister held pilot responsible for crash; 40% pilot have fake license

A plane was crashed in Karachi on May 22. The investigation report was presented in the Pakistani Parliament. Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Aviation Minister while presenting the report said that there was no technical fault in the plane. The pilot, crew members, and the ATC are responsible for the plane crash. The pilot was focused on talking about the ongoing pandemic “COVID-19”. We have the recording for the same, Aviation Minister further added.

In this plane crash, 97 passengers along with 8 crew members were killed. However, 2 passengers survived this crash.

Sarwar revealed the most shocking reason behind the PIA (Pakistan Airlines) crash. He also said that 40% of the pilot licenses in our government airlines are fake.

The pilot was over-confident:  Report
Sarwar said, “Pilot was over-confident”. He did not focus on the aircraft. When ATC told the pilot to increase the height, he, in turn, told the ATC that he will handle the plane. Both the pilot was talking about the ways they can use to protect their families from coronavirus on their whole journey from departure to crash.

The plane touched the runway thrice

While presenting the initial investigating reports Sarwar further added that the person responsible for this crash will not be punished. The pilot tried to land the plane without opening the landing gear thrice. This act resulted in malfunctioning of the engine which further resulted to a crash. We have the recording of the whole conversation of the pilots and Air Traffic Control.  The Aviation Minister said that I have heard the recording myself.

Political interference in the admission of pilot

Sarwar revealed the most shocking thing about the PIA. 40% of the pilots are flying with fake licenses. These pilots have never given the exams nor do they have any experience in flying. There was political interference in their admission. In fact, the degrees of 4 pilots were found fake.

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