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Narendra Tandon quits BJP, blames Kiran Bedi

Its just 5 days from the main election day and things aren’t turning out planned for
the BJP as this time they face a new setback by one of their own party member.

kiran bedi and Narendra Tandon
kiran bedi and Narendra Tandon

Narendra Tandon who was working as the campaign leader for the former IPS officer made a controversial decision to resign from
the BJP as he in his own words he stated that he was tired and upset about Kiran Bedi’s dictatorial style of running things and that he had
even been insulted many a time by her during work.

He even went on to say that apart from her methods of taking control he was very much against working for some one who some day used
to order attacks on the same party workers ruthlessly when they protested on various issues.

In a move to protect the image of their party some BJP members said that it was nothing new from Narendra Tandon’s side to embarrass the party
as he had done this several times in the past and it would not affect the party in the elections at all.

However his resignation lasted only for 16 hours and he was back with the ruling party. With the BJP and the AAP as the favorites
are fighting for votes, only February the 7th will reveal who the people of Delhi has chosen.

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