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MumbaiNightLife : Reasons behind Aaditya Thackeray taking keen interest in Mumbai’s Nightlife deadline to be extended

#MumbaiNightLife : Reasons behind Aaditya Thackeray taking keen interest in Mumbai’s Nightlife deadline to be extended


We all have known, read, heard and seen in books and movies about Mumbai as a city which never sleeps. It’s said that Mumbai is that city of dreams which never sleeps. It’s natural that if a city with a tagline of ‘never sleeps’ should have something in real after looking at which you can say, “Mumbai never sleeps”.

Recently, Aaditya Thackeray who heads YuvaSena the youth wing of Shiv-Sena, wrote a letter to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to have special entertainment zones in and around Mumbai which can be kept open 365 days and 24/7.

The Commissioner of Mumbai Police, Rakesh Maria, also gave necessary clearances to have such 24/7 concept for city like Mumbai and he also stated, “Our men are totally capable of handling things and Mumbai is a safe city to have such 24/7 partying concept”.

Now coming back to why a party like Shiv-Sena which is considered to be conservative party which stands for the cause of Hindutva are suddenly acting like a liberal party?

  1. Shiv-Sena does it ahead of the BMC elections in 2017



The municipal corporation elections are approaching in 2017, and it has to obviously show some achievements which could be positive other than their every monsoon gift of potholes all over Mumbai.

  2. The AAP Factor which can be challenging for Shiv-Sena



Recently when Aaditya Thackeray was asked in an interview with NDTV about AAP phenomenon his reply was, “Not in terms of the work we have done now and what we will achieve by then, but there must be healthy competition always,”

Sources also said, “The AAP Mumbai unit which have heavyweights like MedhaPatkar, Anjali Damania, MeeraSanyal and Mayank Gandhi have secretly making strategies and are doing groundwork to throw out the ruling alliance at the BMC in the upcoming elections.

 3. Shiv-Sena had to do something to stop the so called ‘BJP wave’


 It is said and is also noted that the so called Modi and the BJP wave had made the Shiv-Sena a bit weaker in Maharashtra and in Mumbai up to an extend and so the Shiv-Sena has to campaign for themselves aggressively, to keep them in the limelight of the public.

 4. Shiv-Sena doesn’t wants to become the next Communist Party of India


We all know how much irrelevant the Communist Party in India have become. Critics point out that it’s their lack of understanding the changing needs of the changing society. The Shiv-Sena knows it’s not merely protesting for the rights is going to help them get votes but also to change their party behaviour with the change in the need of society to be politically relevant in the state of Maharashtra and its stronghold Mumbai.

That can be the only reason behind a young person like Aaditya Thackeray taking up new and innovative initiatives in the party of which 24/7 partying and keeping of clubs and bar open all night can be one of it.


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