“Mahatma Gandhi’s killer Godse was a patriot” says Sakshi Maharaj

Sakshi Maharaj, an MP from the governing BJP party was yesterday quoted as saying  that Godse, may have made mistakes but he was a patriot. This remark incited war of words between the BJP and the opposition who called the BJP a party eulogizing Gandhi’s killer.“Mahatma Gandhi’s killer Godse was a patriot” says Sakshi Maharaj

This is yet another fresh case of a controversial comment made by once again another BJP member and it is already stirring up outrage throughout the nation and in the social media.

Later when the House reassembled after being adjourned for 10 minutes the BJP MP apologized and said that he respected Gandhi and the House and withdrew his remarks.

But it didn’t end there as Sakshi Maharaj used his apology to turn the blame upon congress accusing the party of killing Mahatma’s ideology in 1984 Sikh riot. This action led to congress shouting more slogans against the governing party.


This was just one of the several controversial remarks made by BJP figures this year ever since they rose to power.

The Minister for food processing Niranjan Jyoti used abusive words at a public rally.

The President of BJP Amit Shah was earlier this year accused of using hate speech against non Hindus.

Mr Naik who recently grabbed news attention by saying that he wanted the Ram temple be built in the much disputed land of Ayodhya.

Sakshi Maharaj also has had many criminal charges aga inst him in the past. He was charged for murder, his hands in the Babri Masjid demolition, expelled from Rajya Sabha for misuse of constituent funds and was also charged for rape but the case closed due to lack of evidence.


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