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UP Governor wants Ram temple, the opposition want his resignation

UP governor Ram Naik made another controversial comment in front of the media when he said “The Ram Temple should be built as soon as possible, this is what the people of this country want and their wishes should be fulfilled” After making this comment and even repeating it when asked to clarify, the opposition party did not spare the BJP and demanded for his resignation.

The leader of the JD(U) KC Tyagi requested the president of India for the removal of the governor on grounds of constitutional violation.
BJP defended Ram by saying he is just a devotee who was taking the name of Ram and there was nothing wrong in taking the name of Ram. The BJP further on blamed the opposition of spreading propaganda, even the Shiv Sena came out in support of the 80 year old governor
the governor of UP was also accused of making the same an inappropriate statement earlier in the media too
it was just last month when Mr. Naik was invited to a programme organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Ayodhya where he was reported to have said the Ayodhya Issue could be resolved within 5 years as Prime Minister Narendra Modi was working out on a plan.
Ram Naik was appointed as the governor to Uttar Pradesh on july this year when the BJP came into power

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