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#AAPkaManifesto 7 Reasons You Should Vote For Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) In Delhi Elections

#AAPkaManifesto The Aam Aadmi Party’s manifesto for 2015, Delhi assembly electionswas out on Saturday afternoon, and here are few reasons you could be voting for AAP.

1. Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill



Commitment to passing Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill within 15 days of coming to power. All public servants to fall under its purview.

Encouragement to honest officers and protection to whistleblowers (Entirely doable)

2. Swaraj


Devolving power directly to people; decisions about development in any locality to be taken by Mohalla Sabhas; payments for any work (roads, pavement, etc) to be released only once the work is approved by Mohalla Sabhas.

Demand for full statehood to Delhi, so that MCD, DDA and Delhi Police are directly controlled by the Delhi government.

3. Electricity


Delhi’s consumers have been getting inflated bills due to malpractices by Discoms. AAP promises a reduction of consumers’ electricity expenditure by 50%. This will be done by ordering an audit of discoms, rectifying inflated bills and getting electricity bills checked by independent agencies. Licences would be cancelled of any discoms that refuse the audit

4. Water


Water is the biggest concern of the aam aadmi in Delhi, as more than 50 lakh people do not get piped water in their homes. AAP is committed to ensuring that all households in Delhi get water in their homes, irrespective of whether they are in slums or unauthorised colonies. Households using up to 700 litres of water (per day) would be given free water.

5. Women Empowering


Citizens’ Security Forces would be formed with a branch in each ward, which would provide security to anyone in distress, but with special focus on security of women, children and senior citizens.

Ensuring swift dispensing of justice in case of crimes against women by establishing special fast track courts; implementation of recommendations of the Verma Committee.

6. Transport


Establishing a Unified Transport Authority for a holistic transport policy, commitment to providing high quality public transport in Delhi (Can be done. The benefits will depend on what this unified authority is supposed to achieve).

Expansion of DTC bus service and Delhi Metro; improving and making secure last mile connectivity via feeder buses, shared auto-rickshaws and Sby forcing them to ply feeder routes?).


7. Social Justice


Scheduled Castes:  Ensuring SC component plans is spent on welfare schemes for SCs and reservations implemented; providing low or zero-interest loans for setting up their livelihood (Schemes already exist at central level. Why aren’t they being used?).

Victims of 1984 Sikh massacre: Providing justice to victims of 1984 riots, re-opening wrongly closed cases, improving living conditions in areas like Tilak Nagar where many victims now live. (Absolutely vital – but proof is now missing to prosecute and jail others after the lapse of so many years).

Persons with Disability: Expanding definition of disability, ensuring their admission into schools and colleges; priority to making all public buildings barrier-free and accessible. (Modifications required in public buildings for this, but would be a good gesture).



(Note: We in anyway are not trying to promote or take side of AAP, or any party. The information provided is just a part of their manifesto.)


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