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10th Anniversary of Tsunami Disaster


The world marks the 10th anniversary of the Tsunami tragedy which claimed countless lives and left many others still missing.

On December 26, 2004, a tectonic shift under the vast Indian ocean created monster waves which went on to devastate the lives of many who were still celebrating Christmas.

10th anniversary of tsunami disaster

Aceh, the worst affected, was the closest to the epicenter felt the wrath of the 9.1 magnitude earthquake which led to the death of more than 170.000 people.

There were moments of silence held in certain places at the exact time the tsunami had struck.

In Sri Lanka, the anniversary will be marked by a ride in a train which had been derailed by the Tsunami waves claiming the lives of about 1,270 passengers.

In Thailand where more than 5000 lives were lost, 2000 of them being foreigners, prayer services will be held in the affected areas to commemorate the their souls.

10th anniversary of tsunami disaster
10th anniversary of tsunami disaster







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