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Arab Nations Call For Peace Talk Amidst Libyan War

Peace and War two opposites that can never come together. But Libya is trying to dwell in both. As Arab Nations call for a ceasefire in between the deadly civil war that faces Libya, both the parties fighting for power seem suspicious of it. Libyan War is exciting, dangerous and one that needs urgent attention from the world.   

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What is the Libyan war and who is fighting it? 

It started with Muammar Gaddafi’s death and the power vacuum it created but it can be traced back to Arab Spring uprising. Khalifa Haftar, once a good friend of Gaddafi, was outcast from his homeland due to a rift between the two. He lived in America for 20 years only to come back only when things heated up during the Arab Spring. He is backed by Egypt and the United Emeritus and is part of one of the rival administrations which work from Tobruk “The House of Representatives”. The Second Party fighting the war is the “Government of National Accord” which is recognized by the United Nations. While GNA consists of the army leftover by Gaddafi, Haftar has its own army with around 250,000 troops. 


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Now what?

Libyan War is taking a dangerous turn as the war is mobilizing near the main oil region. In a meeting held on Tuesday, 23 June by Arab foreign ministers, peace talks were once again cited to be initiated. Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit commented on the Libyan War by maintaining that military effort will not be fruitful for either of the parties. 

“The military option will not achieve victory for any side … and the military action will not bring peace or establish stability on the Libyan soil,” the Secretary-General said in the conference. “The political solution is the only way to settle the Libyan crisis,” he said after a virtual meeting of the Arab’s foreign ministers.

However, on being invited GNA who is based at Tripoli refused to give any attention to these peace talks. According to them, the peace talks are being initiated by eastern-based Haftar and its allies and the results were to be biased. It also plans on downsizing its diplomatic representation in the Arab League on account of its double standards towards the Libyan war. 


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Both Haftar and GNA are now preparing for a battle at Sirte. The retreat to Sirte was a big blow to Haftar who laid plans of capturing Tripoli and has been on the mission ever since April 2019. If GNA keeps on advancing it would have a chance to control Libya’s “oil crescent”, where OPEC members’ energy is produced and exported. 








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