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Amazon accused of illegally sacking two employees, employees lodged complaint

Millions of employees work in Amazon online company, but the company is accused of illegally sacking two of its employees. According to the information, he is one of the employees who worked hard during the Covid-19 pandemic last year. But the online retailer fired Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa last year. In fact, both these employees accused the company of applying policies in a discriminatory manner and keeping ambiguous rules.

In the complainant petition filed in October last year, both these employees alleged that the company does not give the right to ‘chill and rest’ to the employees. Now on Monday, the board said that if the two employees do not end the case, then the regional director of the company based in Seattle will also issue a complaint petition.

Both sides of the statement

According to news reports on NDTV, according to Cunningham and Costa, the company did not take care of the safety of employees during the Covid-19 pandemic about a year ago and employees had to work more. At the same time, Amazon has said in its statement that both employees criticize the working conditions, but they have not been removed from the job due to this reason. Rather, they have been removed due to repeated violations of internal policies.

Amazon did not reveal the real reason

The Amazon company cited internal policies in its release statement but did not clarify what those policies are. At the same time, the international president of the UFCW Union, Mark Peron, said in his statement that it is surprising that Amazon is trying to break the law by silencing its employees for telling the truth.


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