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The 8 Most Corrupt Countries in the World 2015

The 8 Most Corrupt Countries in the World 2015

  1. Syria


Ravaged by drought and on-going rural wars, Syria has been drenched of all its richness every time a new leader steps in. After the demise of Hafez al-Assad, the people of Syria believed that his son the new leader Bashar al-Assad will reinvigorate the fallen nation. But to their dismay he only made it worse. The failure to reverse their economic crisis led to the 2011 Syrian civil war where more than 191,000 people lost their lives as reported by UN from March 2011 to April 2014.


  1. Turkmenistan


Turkmenistan Under President GurbangulyBerdimuhamedow’s rule is a nationrich with a large oil reserve of which the country is highly dependent on. President Berdimuhamedow  had along with the UN vowed to fight against corruption, but over the years nothing changed except more misuse of state funds by the authoritative government officials. The country is also surrounded by Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan  the nations with a very bad record of corruption

  1. Iraq

Despite making efforts to curb the growing corruption in the Nation, the illicit money laundering and other financial related crimes are still pervasive everywhere. Due to lack of foreign investments most Iraqi businessmen resort to hassle free corruption, bribery etc. Besides all this one of the prime reason may be the security level in Iraq which does not makeit a favourable destination to start business.

  1. Libya

After the downfall of former leader Muammar Gaddafi, what is left of Lbya is more conflicts and more corruption. The country does not have any actual legitimate government inpower. It is currently under a transitional government rule.  With the on-going  conflicts between rebels and government loyalists, the nation will be prone to more corruption and money laundering until the nation forms a government.

  1. Sudan

This African nation is super rich with resources but the problem is the people who rule over them. War is an everyday feat witnessed by the people who were promised by their own leader of being taken care of. Their own leader Omar al Bashir himself has visited the International Criminal Courton accounts of waging war and genocide.

  1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan over the years has taken the position of being the war centre of the world. This nation which boasts of never having been conquered is also famous for money laundering, corruption, civil wars and such. The Leaders of Afghanistan do not have any real power as different localities with their own tribe have their own leader, besides it is also home to many terrorist factions like the Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Afghanistan is the No. 1 producer of opium through which it generates a lot of income.

  1. North Korea

In its effort of living up to its juch ideology of self reliance, North Korea instead ended up becoming the second most corrupted nation in the world. It is believed it all began somewhere during 1994 with the rationing system, when the Kim Jong il had stopped all supply of rationing to the lower class people. Very soon black markets took its opportunity and corrupted the nation to the core.

  1. Somalia

Heavily influenced by the al-shabaab movement and home to the countless pirates who steal from any ship they find, Somalia is everything what corruption is defined as. The country is also plagued by poverty and famine and because of the government’s inability to battle the problem many Somali are persuaded to take part in criminal activities. It was estimated some $350million were earned by the government officials in corruption money from oil.


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