2018 Gerber baby ‘ Lucas Warren’ first child with Down syndrome

Yesterday, an 18-month-old baby Lucas Warren made history. He is the first Child to become Gerber spokes baby. He is a child with the Down Syndrome who won the contest to become Spokes baby of the year.

Lucas Warren is from Dalton, Georgia and was selected by Gerber from more than 140000 entries for this photo contest. This contest was started in 1927 after the company was founded. They put a call for a baby who can feature in its ads. With the selection of Lucas, his parents will receive about 50,000 dollars as prize money. Along with it, Lucas will be now featured on all media channels of Gerber as well as ads of Gerber all the year round.

On this Lucas’s   mother alleged ‘we hope this chance will put light on the special needs community. It will educate people that by supporting people who require special needs just like Lucas can also change the world.’

Lucas‘s Mom Cortney Warren said that ‘ he might have Down syndrome, but he is Lucas first. He got an amazing personality. We as parents hope that as he grows up and looks back, he will be proud of himself. he will never be ashamed of his disability.’

Kristin Wooten, the spokeswoman from Gerber supposed ‘from the beginning of Gerber Baby Photo Search, we are searching for a baby who represents the long-lasting legacy of Gerber. Bill Partyka, Gerber CEO and President alleged that ‘For this Lucas is a perfect choice.’

Lucas mother alleged that she submitted Lucas’s photo to Gerber baby photo Search following her friend who tipped her to social media contest. Lucas father supposed that ‘we just walked in the house and checked mail and she started screaming that He Won.’ after that, she posted Lucas pic on Instagram and hashtag contest. She said that she was shocked when she found that Lucas had won.

Lucas Warren is a baby with a Down Syndrome. It is a disorder that leads to developmental delays along with intellectual disability. People who suffer from Down syndrome also experience a small stature as well as low muscle tone. As per reports of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US everyone in 700 babies born with Down syndrome.

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