100 Germans die every year through risky masturbation

As per the study, masturbation kills about hundred Germans every year. It also exposed the weird ways populaces have been killed pleasuring themselves.

The above figure is based on verdicts that every one million German citizens there are one or more deaths cases in a year. These deaths are because of a device or a prop used by citizens to boost stimulation throughout the sexual activity.

The risky techniques, as well as dangerous sexual desires, kill up about hundred Germans. Extreme masturbation is the main reason for these deaths. Numerous masturbation deaths remain unnoticed as the family members of victims are so embarrassed to reveal the truth.  They don’t want to reveal the situation and condition in which their loved ones are found.

According to Dr Voss in Hamburg, one man faces an autoerotic death, or we can term it as conditions linked with sexual self-satisfaction. He was trying to cover himself with sliced cheese; following it , he pulled pantyhose over his upper body.  After that, he put a raincoat as well a diving suit and settled down by wearing a plastic bag over his head in front of the on heater.

In another case, a man found suffocated in the cellar of his adobe in Hesse. He was found tied chains around his neck and body. As per the investigation, porn was also present. And by investigating the situation, it was clear that he had faced an autoerotic death.

One more case revealed a woman discovered the dead body of her son with Christmas tree lights holds tightly to his nipples. He had been electrocuted with it. Women removed all the wires from his body before the arrival of emergency services.  Initially, they were confused regarding the burn marks all over victim’s body. Afterward, the mother admitted all regarding the situation that in which his son was found.

As per Dr Voss, risky masturbation had been tried by people of all ages. However, mostly the victims are observed to be men. Women tend to be more conscious regarding dangerous masturbation techniques.

Solo sex is becoming a global issue now

In Hamburg alone, about 40 accidental autoerotic deaths were recorded by The Legal Medicine amid 1983 to 2003. All victims were observed to be between the ages of 13 to 79 as per the reports. As per the experts, it is very difficult to understand. The sense of hopelessness and powerlessness along with a superior understanding of threat can be two reasons for people risk embarrassment, injury as well as deaths. However, the reasons cannot be precisely determined but losing perception can happen more rapidly than people think.

This dangerous solo sex termed as menstruation is becoming a global issue now. However, Br Voss revealed several pieces of evidence that could point out that the death is an autoerotic death. These signs would include restraints that could have self-administered, or it can also be exposed genitalia. It could also include mirrors placed all over near the body, lack of suicide note or else plastic bags around the head.

In 2009 the death of American actor David Carradine was among the high profile cases. He was very famous for his performance in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill 2. This actor was found in a cabinet of Bangkok hotel along with a cord enfolded all around his genitals as well as the head.


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