This Mumbai Little Kid’s Story Can Make You Cry, Know How He is Helping Out His Mother After His Father Died

How This Mumbai kid is Helping Out His Mother After His Father Died


Every morning this boy wakes up early and distributes newspapers from 7 to 8. After that he prepares himself and sets off for school. The most beautiful part is that no one forces anything on this boy as he voluntarily commits himself in doing so just for the deep love he has for his mother.

In his own words he shares a part of his everyday life’s story, this way

“My father passed away, so now it’s just my mother and me living together,” he says. His age is unspecified but he’s clearly very young – here’s what he does every day before going to school, to help his mother out as best as he can.

“Every morning, from 7am to 8 am, I deliver newspapers in the area, after which I go to school,” he says, a job that earns him Rs. 1000 per month. “And although it’s not a lot… I want to do something, anything to help my mother,

As he went on, he couldn’t stop himself from praising his mother’s home made food “She’s the best — and her aloo sabzi is world best!”


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