Want a Different Taste of Travel Merriment for 31st December? The Perception is here!

Sometimes, it’s essential to tell yourself; “I am not a graceful person. I am not a Sunday morning or Friday sunset. I am a Tuesday 2 A.M, a broken window during February.’’  We all sometimes need to believe that we don’t belong around people, but we belong around to all the leap days that didn’t happen.  Everyone wants to sing the song of love but very few want to sing the song of travelers.   Very few want to tell the Song of Everyone; the song of the road trip; when light and darkness mix under our skin and becomes a storm. You don’t see the lighting; but you can hear the echoes.

Travel is essential for us not just to see how the other people live, and realize how the world is much bigger; it’s not for the coming back home but to feel that something in our mind is shifted. And.. Surely it changes everything.

  • Hill Station; Darjeeling; The Unparalleled Beauty

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But why should we visit as well re visit in Darjeeling? What does Darjeeling have that other hill stations don’t have? Do you think that it’s in the snow-clad Kanchenjunga range, of course? Yes and No. Not only that; yet no other hill resorts have that backdrop, which is quite so spectacular.

How you feel when you wake up to a morning like this outside your window, with the dewdrops trickling down the glass pane…!, how you feel when the fun-filled childhood memories: the shrill whistle of the huffing and puffing Toy Train echoing across the ridge? How you feel when you see, some scarlet amidst all the grey. Rhododendrons. Fog; and of course, Smiles!

Don’t and never miss to enjoy the journey from Siliguri to Darjeeling

Because you just need to see the sun set beneath the tea gardens, the stopover at Kurseong for momos was worth for it, and then the cold wind which will blow across your face.  The trees swayed their shadowy heads against the backdrop of the deep blue dusk. See every floating cloud, roaming outside and discover a kite runner inside you. Don’t forget to stare at the sky, which seems very close to you.

  • Another Destination- Corbett National Park

Corbett is of course a big break from monotonous work. It’s for those who look at the Jim Corbett website, deadly want a jungle –safari and the big images of tiger make their nerves excited like a child. Surprising, but the best visiting time is in a rainy day. Of course, the muddy rugged road in the forest will give the tummies a jerky exercise and make you counting every moment to reach another point. The soil soaked water, the smell of the moist of earth gives the feeling of the hills at a distance. Sometimes, we all need to have to spend the night in guest bungalows, log houses and cottages. The name like Jungle Trail and Tiger Paws tickle the adventurous nerves with a unique eeriness.

  • And a Trekking into Corbett; isn’t it’s necessary?

There are three things that every adventurer must remove from the to do list. Those are never to get shocked, never to get scared and never to get over confident. Generally, who like a jungle safari, are not the kind of traveler who go to the destination only to keep memorable frames or gaze straight at rock engravings. Corbett trekking is not any hard one, but of course a curious trek that one can keep collecting everything that tickled awe-nerves. First,  you need to cross the iron bridge near the forest, where you look up to locate the rock edge; beginning of the jungle. A terrific energy had engulfed as you move forward and set the eyes on! Don’t miss the museum that stood like a semi haunted British building with an asset of envious artifacts of mountaineering expeditions on its walls.

  • Take the Journey of Different Taste; Indian Museum

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Founded in 1814, Indian Museum, is the earliest and the largest museum of the world. People often say, museum is for the wise and old only, but the truth is that time flows quicker than aero plane inside a museum hall. Just try to feel the 2000 years old ancient wind and stare at sculptures, which are then collected from the ancient unknown or city, town which never thought to return so soon.

Inside all of us, there’s a little kid who always keeps his memories alive in those yellow roses, who always wants to keep his memories like a chapter that never closes. Life is a journey like travel and travel is a journey like life. It is a long road for just walking. It is said a road trip is worthy of everything. When we fall, we should smell the soil, get up and keep walking through the scorching sun, midnight rain and splashy thunder.  Life bestows lots of gifts as well as a shock to all of us. Often we see the old chocolate wrappers are in garbage and the pink net curtains are on fire; yet we must keep walking. Each drop of sweat that runs down says that we are getting livelier with every hour.


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