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International Museum Day 2019: Best 5 Museums Around The World



International Museum Day 2019: Best 5 Museums Around The World

Every year on 18 May International Museum Day is celebrated to spread awareness among people in respect of

  • cultural exchange,
  • development of mutual understanding. and
  • cooperation and peace among people.

Museum collects and preserves historical objects and religious materials having cultural and historical value. In short, it is a storehouse of old artefacts, sculptures, objects, history etc.

Museums play a prominent role in providing resources for education and provide many informative programs.

Many events are organized on this day in respect to the importance of museums by the International Council of Museums (ICOM). It is the main organization of museum professionals with an intention to promote and protect the natural and cultural heritage. It also fights against in respective fields like illicit trafficking, assisting museums in emergency situations etc.

On this day, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) across the country allows free entry to the general public in the museums. Some are Archaeological Museum in Purana Qila, Swatantrata Sangram Sanghralaya, Indian War Memorial Museum in Red Fort in Delhi and so on.

Best 5 Museums Around The World

  1. Louvre Museum, Paris, France

The most visited museum in the world which attracts more than 9.7 million visitors every year is the Louvre Museum in Paris. More than 35000 objects from the 6th century B.C to the 21st century are presented in this museum. The collection includes crown jewels, sculptures, old paintings and Egyptian antiquities.

  • Opening hours: Open all days except Tuesday, from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Entry charge: No charge for visitors under 18.
  • Photography is allowed.


  • Provides clear information about ancient Egypt as this museum have a collection of 50000 artefacts from Nile civilizations.
  • The 21-meter tall Louvre pyramid, the main attraction, which is made of metal and glass serves as the entrance to Louvre museum.
  • Presents more than 7500 popular paintings from popular artists including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael.

2. National Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C, USA

National Museum of Natural History is the most visited natural history museum around the world. It holds more than 120 million natural specimens. It serves as a home to the largest group of professional scientists dedicated to nature study.

  • Opening hours: All days from 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Entry charge: Free.
  • Photography is allowed.


  • This museum has a hall of human origin which displays how human originated in the world through hundreds of human fossils and artefacts.
  • This museum is regarded as the largest collection of marine specimens in the world as it displays more than 80 million marine specimens.

3. British Museum, London, England

This museum is specifically dedicated to human history and culture and is one of the oldest and greatest museums. It attracts more than 6 million visitors annually from all around the world.

  • Opening hours: Open Sunday to Saturday from 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Entry charge: Free.
  • Photography is allowed.


  • This museum has the most comprehensive collection of objects from the Greco-Roman world (from 3200 B.C to 4th century A.D).
  • Displays over 50000 drawings and two million prints and includes masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo.
  • It has the outstanding illustration of cultures of Nile valley dating from 10000 B.C to 12th century A.D.

4. Vatican Museums, Rome, Italy

Vatican Museums is the fifth most visited museums in the world with 5.5 million annual visitors. This museum is all about collection of sculptures, paintings collected by popes of Roman Catholic Church through different centuries. There are 54 galleries in total.

  • Opening hours: Open all days except Sunday, from 9 am to 4 pm.
  • Entry charge:  €18.
  • Photography is permitted in Vatican museums but is strictly prohibited in the official residence of the pope, Sistine Chapel.


  • Displays many ancient Greek and Roman sculptures.
  • The ceiling shows the figure of God touching the fingertip of Adam which is the most attractive part of the museum.
  • The chapel is famed with highly decorated interior materials.

5. National Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C, USA

This museum holds the largest collection of aviation and historic spacecraft in the world. It is the most visited museum with 8 million annual visitors across the world.

Top 5 Best Cities in the World; You Must Visit

  • Opening hours: Except December 25, open every day, from 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Entry charge: Free.
  • Photography allows inside the museum (for personal use only)


  • Holds more than 60,000 objects in total ranges from microchips to rockets.
  • Collection of 1.75 million photographs and 14000 films with respect to space exploration (iconic moments).
  • Brings a closer view of different phases of Venus and craters of Moon through telescopes in the public observatory department.


5 Most Popular And Exciting Europe Trips In 2020



Europe Trips

Most Popular And Exciting Europe Trips: Europe has amazing travel opportunities for both long and short term travel as many other countries are quite literally on your doorstep. France is famous for fashion, Italy is known for mind-blowing delicious food. Olive-oil infused focaccia bread and freshly cooked pasta in Italy, succulent bratwurst sausages and cheeses in Germany, creamy goats cheese salads are the world’s famous dishes, and of course, champagne will make your day amazing, especially for foodies. In fact, many European cities are seen as romantic destinations.

Today is the perfect day to plan your holiday in Europe.

Here are the 5 amazing, most popular and exciting Europe trips of 2020.

  1. The Lanes Of Italy

Italy is famous for its cuisine, design, culture, fashion and much more. Italy has left a mark on the new-age. The capital city, Rome is the home to the Vatican as well as the ancient ruins. It includes Florence houses the Renaissance treasures – paintings, paper, and leather.

Venice, known as sinking city of canals is the best place for underwater poles. Magnificent monuments and museums are of highest attraction.


  • Rome: Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museum, Colosseum, and St Peter’s Basilica
  • Venice: Gondola rides
  • Glass manufacturing industry on the island of Murano, Santa Fosca Cathedral on the island of Torcello, Houses painted in bright colours with ancient works and paintings on the island of Burano,
  • Florence: Statue of David
  • Pisa: Leaning Tower of Pisa

2) Touring South Germany Europe trips

It is a 16 days trips starting from Munich and ends in Frankfurt, via Augsburg, Heidelberg, and the perfectly preserved streets of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Munich is popularly known as beer gardens where Frankfurt is known as the financial city of Germany.


  • Munich: Hofbrauhaus, Oktoberfest, German Museum, and Englischer Garten
  • Augsburg: Dom St Maria, Fuggerei social housing settlement, Die Ecke and Mozart Festival
  • Rothenburg: Herterich Fountain, and one of the well-known festival, Meistertrunk Festival, a medieval festival during Whitsun. and Doll & Toy Museum
  • Heidelberg: Schlossbeleuchtung castle lighting, Schloss Castle, Mercedes Benz Museum, Apothecary Museum, and Alte Brucke bridge over Neckar River
  • Frankfurt: Museum of Natural History and Goethe’s House Museum

3) 5-Country European Splendor

England, France, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland are known as 5 country European Splendor. It is famous for its history, culture, glorious countryside and dramatic coastline. One of the best-known prehistoric monuments in Europe is Stonehenge. Tate Modern is the shining star in London’s incredible art-scene with ground-breaking installations and exhibitions.

You can take a tour of locations used in the Harry Potter films, from Diagon Alley to the Ministry of Magic. You can visit the cafes in Edinburgh, where J.K. Rowling wrote the books and then tour Alnwick Castle—which you’ll recognize as Hogwarts.


  • Lucerne: Mt Titlis and Lake Lucerne
  • Venice: Gondola rides
  • England: Boat tour in River Thames, Madame Tussauds, and Coca Cola London Eye
  • Brussels: Gothic Hotel de Ville Town Hall, Grand Place, Royal Palace, Manneken Pis, and Cathedral of Saints Michel & Gudule

4) Art Capitals In Central Europe

Berlin and Dresden in Germany and Prague in the Czech Republic are the artiest capitals of Central Europe.


  • Berlin: Reichstag Building, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, Berlinische Galerie, and Holocaust Museum
  • Dresden: New Green Vault, Cathedral of Holy Trinity, and Zwinger Palace
  • Prague: Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and the largest Hard Rock Café of Europe

5) Best Of Switzerland And France

Interlaken and Lucerne in Switzerland and Paris in France is the best place for romance. The itinerary will capture the beauty of Europe. Lyon is the third-largest city in France, known for its nap-inducing feasts, but a slew of innovative restaurants is waking up the streets.


  • Interlaken: Mt Jungfrau and Lake Interlaken
  • Lucerne: Mt Titlis and Lake Lucerne
  • Paris: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Montmartre, and Sacre Coeur


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OMG! The Best China Travel Guide Ever!



China Travel

China Travel Guide: The most populous country in the World, China famous for its rich heritage and immense culture, the country has lots of diverse options to offer to tourists. From the Great Wall of China to the Terracotta army and everything in between, here is a guide to China to help you on your visit.

One of the greatest wonders of the world, The Great Wall of China stretches along the northern borders of China. It is a series of spell bounding fortifications made of stone, brick, wood and other materials. Covering a distance of about 21,196 km, it is one of the most attractive tourist destination in the World. Its mesmerising architecture is surely worth your first visit in China. Millions of people visit the Great Wall of China every year.

If you want to experience heaven on earth then visit Hangzhou, situated on the head of hangzhou bay in Zhejiang , a province in eastern China. It is the country’s most illustrious tourist place with enthralling panoramas and astounding scenic view. One of the four garden cities of China it also exclusively hosts festivals like China Animation festival and China micro film festival. You should surely not miss on these festivals while taking a tour of the city. The city also offers vibrant nightlife and its breathtaking view of lakes and hills will leave you awe struck.

Potala Palace, a museum and world heritage site located in Lhasa is another famous destination in China. The Palace symbolises Tibetan Buddhism with its architecture showing the country’s historic and religious values. One can even view the beautiful snow capped Himalayan Mountains from the roof of the Palace. Other famous places to visit in Lhasa include Jokhang, a Buddhist temple, Norbulingka, another palace with a large garden and Drepung Monastery.

With 1.4 billion food loving people to feed China offers great cuisine. Chinese food being famous all over the world, imagine tasting the food from its origin. Try different food in the famous Silk Road street market located in the capital city Beijing. It is a shopping centre that has 20,000 visitors on a daily basis and is the most visited place by foreign tourists in Beijing also offering the most unique food in China.

The Capital city is a blend of modern architecture and ancient site with lots to offer. The most popular being the grand Forbidden City Complex, with over 9000 rooms in 250 acres this large palace building was built between 1406 and 1420. Other must see places in Beijing are Summer Palace, Temple of heaven and Tiananmen Square.

Another great place to see is Shanghai, China’s biggest and most populous city which is a global financial hub. It is renowned for its skyscrapers, museums and historic buildings. The most famous building is the Oriental Pearl Tower which is 468 meters high. It offers great views, contains a historical museum and also a revolving restaurant. The Bund is a waterfront area in central Shanghai with a 1500 meter long waterslide showcasing distinctive modern and colonial buildings. Another famous destination is the Yu Garden occupying 5 acre land featuring ponds, rockeries and arched bridges. The tallest building in Shanghai is the Shanghai Tower which is 632 meters tall.

The twisting form gives the building a unique appearance with the world’s highest observation deck. The building offers restaurants, shops, offices and hotels spaced throughout. There are many other places to see in the city, some of the popular ones include Nanjing Road, Shanghai Disney resort, Shanghai World Financial Center and City God Temple of Shanghai.

Terracotta Army, an example of funerary art is China’s another world heritage site. It is a collection of sculptures depicting the armies of Quin Shi Huang. Clay soldiers were buried to accompany China’s first emperor and to protect his tomb. It is an afterdeath army of the Emperor to guard him till eternity. It is located in Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province. Other attractions in the city include Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Drum tower of Xi’an and Great Mosque of Xi’an.

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New York City Travel Guide : NYC City Travel Guid



New York City Travel Guide

New York City often referred to as NYC is the most populous city in the United States of America. Being the cultural, financial and media capital of the world NYC attracts a lot of tourists. The city exerts a great impact in the field of entertainment, research, technology, education, and sports. With 12.7 million visitors in 2017, New York falls in the list of top 10 most visited cities in the world. NYC has everything a tourist can wish for. From Night cruises to Helicopter tours.

Here is a New York City Travel Guid

The famous Statue of Liberty stands on Liberty Island in New York harbor, it would definitely be the first place to visit. Many tours are available to take you to the iconic Statue of Liberty and give a view from its pedestal observation deck.  Along with the Statue of Liberty, Liberty island itself has a lot to offer including the Battery Park, National September 11 museum, and Liberty State Park.

The Battery is a historic park that gives you a view of Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty and provides a ferry service that connects both Islands.  The museum exhibits honoring victims of 1993 and 2001 WTC terrorist attacks. The Liberty State Park gives a view of Manhattan and has miles of tree-lined walkways.

For incredible vistas and panoramic views, you would want to visit the three observation decks: The Empire State Building, One World Observatory or Top of the Rock. The Empire State Building is a 102-story Art Deco skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan, it has a roof height of 1,2500 feet. There is one way to experience New York’s iconic skyline all at once by hopping a sky pad to the top of One World Observatory.

The Observatory has three sprawling levels that include a cafe and a bar along the way. Another Observation deck is Top of the Rock located on Rockefeller Center with an ocean liner style design. It provides unobstructed views of both Central Park and Manhattan’s midtown and downtown skyscrapers.

The city is surrounded by water thus there are plenty of sailing options, some of which include tourist boats, speedboats, sailboats and nighttime cruises. Cruises around Manhattan offer the best views along with many notable attractions. There are also several free boat rides like the Staten Island ferry. Most of the cruises run during the evening at twilight to experience the beauty of the city.

The two famous cruises are the New York City harbour lights cruise and Statue of Liberty evening cruise. Food and beverages can be purchased on board.

NYC is also the one of the world’s best shopping destination with renowned department stores, boutique shops, and outlet centers. You can find the latest fashion trends here for anyone. The top shopping places include the Disney store, MoMA Design store and Century 21. These are only a few among hundreds of other great shopping places in New York.

If you have a high budget and want to view the city from a completely new perspective, then you should definitely take a Helicopter tour. The tour will take you to the most famous landmarks and skyscrapers giving you beautiful photographs to take back home. These tours only last for about 15-30 minutes but give you the best viewing experience of New York. Some of the famous helicopter tours include Big Apple, Manhattan Sky Tour, and New York Helicopter Tour.

The city also offers many theatre and musical shows including The Lion King on Broadway and Phantom of the Opera. These shows are a perfect place if you get in the mood for art, relax and enjoy the beautiful drama and music performances of these shows.

Finally coming to the one of the best architectural work of the city Brooklyn Bridge provides a passage between Brooklyn and Manhattan, it is one of the primary symbols of the city providing spectacular views.

Another must visit is the New York Public Library which is a national historic landmark containing more than 6 million books. It is also the second largest public library in the US  and third largest in the world. The main branch of the building is easily recognizable by its lion statues that sit at either side of the entrance.

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Top 5 Best Cities in the World – You Must Visit



Best Cities in the World

What if you realise that the life you are living right now and the world around you is heaven?  What if heaven is here on the Earth itself? Below we have listed the best cities in the world, which are surely going to give you a heavenly experience.

Top 5 Best Cities in the World

Paris, France

The capital city of France, Paris is also the most populous city in France. Contributing to 31% of France’s GDP Paris is the second most expensive city in the world. Eiffel Tower, the famous symbol of French pride is the biggest tourist attraction in Paris. Named after the Engineer Gustave Eiffel, it is a wrought iron lattice tower that reaches 300 m in height. There are many other famous monuments in Paris some of which include Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Sacre-Coeur and Pantheon. Also known as the city of love, millions of people visit Paris to spend some romantic time, it is believed that the city has ‘magic’ in the air. The most beautiful place to see is the River Seine, following the Seine through Paris is the best way to enjoy escapades on the river and view its bridges and many attractive islands.


London, England

London is the capital of England, standing on the River Thames in the south east of the island of Great Britain. It is often regarded as a World cultural Capital. London’s iconic national timepiece, Big Ben is a 16 storey Gothic clock tower. Other great attractions in the city are the London Eye and Tower of London. London eye is a huge wheel that gives passengers a bird eye view of the city’s great landmarks. Tower of London is a historical castle home to the crown jewels, it remains the best tourist attraction in London. Due to the marvellous architecture, many locations of the city has been used for Harry Potter. Many tours will take you to where the famous scenes of the movie were shot and its mesmerising locations. The Queen’s official London home, Buckingham Palace is also a famous landmark but is only open to the public two months each year. London is known for its Royalty that has maintained its culture and tradition throughout the past.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, it is one of the seven emirates that make up the country. It is the most expensive country in the middle east with expensive hotels, restaurants and malls. Dubai is known for its record breaking architecture and man made islands. The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa is undoubtedly the best attraction of the city. Standing at 828 m it dominates Dubai’s skylines, however the true majesty of the building is best appreciated from inside. The stunning views from the observational deck can be enjoyed alongside a meal. Next to the Burj Khalifa is the Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in the world. The Mall occupies an indoor theme park, indoor waterfall, an ice rink and the giant Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. There are over thousands of shops and restaurants in the mall. Palm Islands are three artificial islands that have beautiful attractions such as water parks, parachuting and aquariums. Dubai is also famous for its luxury hotel Burj Al Arab considered as the top 7 star hotel in the world.


New York, USA

The most populous city of the United States of America, New York is the cultural, financial and media capital of the world. New York is divided into five boroughs, the best known being Manhattan. Here you will find the city’s top attractions like the Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square and many more. The famous Statue of Liberty stands on the Liberty Island in New York harbour, one can have a great view of the liberty island from the observational deck. Some of the attractions of Liberty island include The Battery park, National 11 September museum and Liberty State Park.  The city offers beautiful sightseeing which can be experienced during the evening in Cruises around Manhattan. The famous Brooklyn bridge is the primary symbol of the city that provides a passage between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Other famous landmarks include Chrysler Building, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Rockefeller Center.


Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the capital and most populous city of Thailand. It is famous for its vibrant street life and cultural landmarks. The Grand Palace is the most famous attraction in the city, built in 1782 this royal palace was once home to Kings. It now contains a museum and is open to the public for visiting. One of the famous Buddhist temples of the city is the Wat Arun, standing alongside the river with a tilted central spire. Other famous cultural landmarks include Golden Buddha, Thonburi, and Wat Saket. Bangkok has one of the largest markets in the world, Chatuchak Market with over 8000 stalls and more than 200,000 visitors a day. The street food is a must to have in Bangkok especially at Chinatown. There are Thai massage parlors located everywhere in the city and one should experience it at least once to feel rejuvenated. One can also enjoy Sea life in Bangkok, there are many Ocean Worlds and National Parks located in the city. Bangkok’s food and beautiful nightlife cannot be found anywhere else in the World.

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10 Best Things To Do In Oxford England



things to do in oxford

Best Things To Do In Oxford, Oxford, known as the “City of Dreaming Spires” is a city located in the South East region of England. It is famous for the fascinating Architecture of its University buildings which has been a home to many scholars. The first college under the Oxford University was established over 800 years ago. Thus the city is a blend of Ancient and Modern architecture which has plenty to offer while on a visit. Be it visiting any of the ancient colleges or museums,  going out for shopping and food, watching a show or partying all night,

Here are the 10 Best Things to do in Oxford 

  1. Visiting the Oxford University

Of Course, the first thing to do would be to visit the Popular University of Oxford. Its colleges and buildings are found all over the city. The colleges showcase diversity, displaying both ancient and modern architecture. Some of the famous colleges are University college (Oldest), Whadam college, Kellogg college and St Hugh’s. There are total 38 colleges under the University blazing English History and Tradition.

  1. Taking Movie and TV tours

The unique and fascinating architecture of Oxford has been used in many film and TV locations. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour will take you in the Magical World of Harry Potter showing all the locations and special effects used during screening. In The Inspector Morse guided tour you can view the pubs and buildings familiar to Morse, Lewis and Hathaway. Another famous Tour is the Downtown Abbey Oxford Tour based on the popular Downtown Abbey TV series.

  1. Watching Theatre Shows

If you are in the mood for art or music, there are theatres located all over the city. The renowned Sheldonian theatre and North Wall Arts Centre showcase beautiful Music and Drama performances. The best theatre for Adult shows is The Old Fire Station. Other renowned theatres include Oxford Playhouse, New Theatre Oxford and Burton Taylor Studio.

  1. Admiring Historical Museums

The city is also famous for its ancient museums among which is the World famous Ashmolean museum. The collections range from Egyptian mummies to Contemporary art. The University has its own museum named Oxford University Museum of Natural History. It is the centre for a scientific study which holds significant collections of geological and zoological specimens. Other famous museums include Pitt rivers museum, Museum of Oxford, The story museum and Modern art Oxford.

  1. Honouring Religious sites 

Oxford also consists of many religious and sacred sites among which is the magnificent Christ Church. University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, The Oxford Oratory Church of St. Aloysius  Gonzaga and Holy Trinity Church are other fascinating churches. One can enjoy Choral Evensong during the evening in which some parish churches sing beautiful music.  Other religious sites can be visited in colleges like Magdalen college and University college. These colleges also host the Choral Evensong.

  1. Exploring Famous Libraries

The most famous Architectural building is the Bodleian Library, which is the heart of the University. Here you can discover the University’s fascinating history which includes ancient manuscripts, work from Shakespeare and a letter from Albert Einstein. The library is also one of the locations for Harry Potter scenes. Another famous library is the Weston library which was formerly known as the New Bodleian. Radcliffe library is a must visit and is considered as English’s first example of a round library.

  1. Sailing and Water Tours

Oxford offers various sightseeing tours on cruises some of which include drinks, tea or meals. These water tours are a great way to relax and explore the beautiful sights of the city. The famous one is the tour of The University Regatta where one can encounter Wildlife closely.

  1. Shopping

When it comes to Shopping Oxford incorporates small indoor malls and many street markets that have a vast variety of products matching with the latest fashion trend. It is the perfect place to buy a gift for your loved ones at home. The malls include Westgate Oxford, Clarendon Centre and Templars Square Shopping Centre.  Oxford Covered Market and Oxford Thursday Market are the most famous ones among many other street markets in Oxford.

  1. Enjoying Nightlife

One should at least take out a night of their visit to enjoy the beautiful Nightlife in various Bars and Clubs. You will not be disappointed if you are in the mood for a few drinks as there are many Clubs and bars in the city. Raoul’s is described as the Best Cocktail bar in Oxford by many visitors.  Many Comedy clubs are also open at night like The Glee Club and Jericho Club.

  1. Cycling and Walking Tours

If you have a limited time in Oxford the best way to explore the city is through walking or bike tours. These tours will take you to the most attractive places in Oxford and various college visits. With so many historical buildings and famous colleges, this will give you a perfect glance at the city’s amazing history and tradition.

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10 Best Beaches in the World – Traveler’s choice



Best Beaches in the World

What is the perfect definition of best and beautiful beach? For few people, it may be the beauty of the shore with the whiteness of the sand. For few others, it may be the magical lure of the waves. The beauty of the beaches relies on eyes of the viewers.Undoubtedly the beach is the ideal travel spot for fun and leisure, where we can enjoy sports activities, discover underwater world and can take the sunbath.However, around the world, there are several beaches; we have selected 10 Best Beaches in the World. Let us know which your favorite among them is!

Top 10 Best Beaches in the World

  1. Maya Bay – Ko Phi Phi – Thailand

10 Best Beaches in the World

With some of the finest beaches of the world in its arms, Maya Bay is best known for its perfect environs and safe and sound natural magnificence. This striking virgin beach has white sand and turquoise blue water and a known for calmness and serenity. Swimming and water sports are permitted here. It’s a great spot for sea bathing and underwater surfing. There are numerous beach resorts around the beach where you can take pleasure in a pampering and cherished stay. This spot is also fashionable among honeymoon couples searching for a peaceful place to make the best memories of their life.

2. Pulau Perhentian Kecil – Malaysia

10 Best Beaches in the World

If you’re a beach lover, then   Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands are the excellent travel spot for you.

Roam around the island’s restaurants to watch the magnificent sceneries of a beach. A lot of travelers like to witness the most breathtaking sunset at this beach. Both by foreigners and locals, the beach usually remains crowded. The best Boat facilities are offered from Kuala Besut

3.Whitehaven – Queensland – Australia

What is the beach funs you expect more? Late night parties at longest beaches, delicious cuisines, or the water sports. Whitehaven has the everything to gratify the hungry of beach lovers. It is also one of the serene beaches for people who desire to stay away from their busy agenda. Whitehaven beach helps you to relax among natural wonders like supple warm sand and turquoise blue water. It has several of beachside accommodation, to enjoy the beauty of nature near the beach

4.Matira – Bora Bora – Tahiti

Bora Bora is another magical island for beach vacationers all over the world. This is one of the serene beaches among the 10 Best Beaches in the World attracts tourists with activities such as sun basking, dolphin trips, sunbathing, and shopping.

This beautiful, beach is surrounded by the luxurious hotels and beach resorts. Tourists can easily get accommodation in these resorts to spend their best moments with their friends and family.

5. Playa Paraiso – Cayo Largo

One of the flawless beaches on the planet is Playa Paraiso comes in best beaches in the World which we can find in island Cayo Largo of Cuba. It is very popular with its name “paradise beach”, which it deserves well, because of its gorgeousness and calm climate. Visitors can find here umbrella food stations and small bars. There are s free transport facilities to leave you nearby hotels many times a day.

6.Hanalei Bay – Hawaii – USA

The crescent-shaped Hanalei Bay is one of Hawaii’s most lovely beaches among 10 Best Beaches in the World. It is extended sandy seashore, residence to three beach parks.

You just take in the beauty of Mother Nature by traveling on a Kayak. When you reach Hanalei beach the wonderful feelings comes to your mind that you have reached heaven on the earth. It is the best place for underwater surfers and beach lovers

7. Sun Island – Maldives

Hunting for a spot just to relax and have peace. Go to Sun Island! This exotic piece of nature is the gorgeous site located in the Maldives, recognized as beach lover’s paradise. The beach draws tourists to indulge in sea bathing, sun basking, boat rides, dolphin spotting trips, and water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, and windsurfing. People like to have beach walk here while enjoying drinks and snacks. The place is also admired for its tasty seafood

8. St George Beach, Naxos, Greece

Greece has many dazzling beaches.One of them is St George Beach this beach is One of the suitable spots for families and children, which can be reached within a 5-minute walk from Naxos city. The hot, shallow waters of St George beach are ideal for snorkeling and paddling.There you will get many options to make your children happy, too. At the Flisvos Sports Club, you can participate in waterskiing and windsurfing, riding a mountain bike. Along with these sports activities, you can also play volleyball and beach tennis

9. Nungwi – Zanzibar – Tanzania

Nungwi Beach also comes in the list of 10 Best Beaches in the World. This beach is thought to be the most excellent beach of Zanzibar, where the absence of solid tides ensures the delights of swimming the precious stone, jade ocean. The island has been adored by brave voyagers for its puzzling old Stone Town. Here voyagers can easily walk on water, with soft sand, between their toes. The sky blue waters and coral around Nungwi are home to marine animals. The fantastic sunsets of Nungwi are an extraordinary experience for the travelers. Charming Nungwi Resort and Spa offers awesome services for the vacationers.

10. Anse Source d’Argent – Seychelles

Anse Source d’Argent is a beautiful Beach Situated at a fantastic site in Seychelles; many visitors come here to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the place obviously beautified with white sands and quiet environment. Water activities like water-skiing, surfing, parasailing, are quite common at this beach, which attracts the numerous number of travelers every day. This stunning sandy heaven has some incredible resorts and restaurants where you can enjoy exotic and delicious beach snacks & drinks. This beach gives quite a comforting atmosphere to everyone


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Top 10 Best Hotels in New York City to fit every taste



new york Top Ten Best Hotels in New York

New York has many things to offer and is known to be one of the best places to visit. You will be mesmerized by the city’s soaring skyscrapers as well as monuments. New York City has numerous other things to make your trip memorable. You will definitely blow away by its fashion, food, arts as well as nightlife scenes.

There are many best hotels in New York City where you can enjoy designer bedrooms, cool cocktail bars, rooftop terraces as well as excellent restaurants.

Below we have listed for you Top 10 Best Hotels in New York City to stay

The Inn at Irving Place

The Inn at Irving Place is situated at the heart of New York’s historic Gramercy Park. This place is a popular choice for travelers as from here they can enjoy easy access to all lively city. The hotel offer best in services as well as amenities. They ensure an unparallel sense of comfort of their guests.

The Whitby Hotel

The Whitby Hotel is located in the centre of New York City in upper midtown Manhattan. Each room of this hotel is designed individually, and some of them also offer private terrace too. In Whitby, Hotel guests are also accessible to the excellent restaurant as well as a fully equipped gym. The property is known as one of the best value in New York City.

The high line hotel

The high line hotel is located in fashionable Chelsea region of Manhattan. It is at the short distance from a range of New York City attractions. All rooms of the hotel are beautifully decorated, spacious as well as comfortable. Guests are also accessible to well equipped and modern gym.

The Carlyle

The Carlyle is a historic Manhattan hotel which features an excellent restaurant along with 24-hour gym facility for its guests. This hotel in New York presents numerous art galleries as well as shopping stores too. You will experience an elegant French-inspired cuisine here

The Marlton

The Marlton is located in Greenwich Village and is the best place in New York to experience the mix of modern amenities with Old Persian style. Every room of this hotel features selected furnishing which keeps guests oozing with charm.

The Ludlow

The Ludlow opens up its doors in 2014 for its guests and is known to be one of the best hotels in New York. Rooms of this hotel are designed very beautifully along with exclusive features. Some of the rooms have tree trunks which are made of petrified wood. The hotel provides a gorgeous lobby bar as well as outdoor patio along with stylish French bistro.

Standard High Line

Standard High Line is known to be one of the best New York Hotels. This hotel features a roof terrace along with a hot tub. Every room of this hotel has the floor to ceiling windows along with a city or river view. The roof bar of this hotel offers music along with city views which is sufficient to make your day memorable.

Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is the foremost eco-friendly hotel in New York. It features healthy food, electric cars, reclaimed material as well as the pet-friendly environment to welcome its guests. This hotel incorporates the viewpoint of honouring and shielding nature. As a part of its concept, it offers open kitchen design along with wood burning grills.

The Mercer

This luxury hotel in New York is in the heart of SoHo’s brick lanes. It offers the spacious and contemporary rooms along with modern amenities. It also presents a Mercer kitchen which is a two-level restaurant serves impressive American cuisine in a relaxed ambience.

The Wythe

The hotel is a resinous dash of high design located on the Brooklyn waterfront. Rooms of the hotel offer a mesmerizing view of New York City skyline. The rooftop of the Wythe provides outstanding views on Manhattan

Deciding where to stay is the essential part of a successful trip, and New York City offers a diverse range of accommodations to fit every taste. Above listed New York Hotels will add a bit of comfort to your trip to New York. So stay updated and enjoy your trip to New York.


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Goa’s Unknown Holy Towns




India’s smallest state, Goa is best known for its idyllic beaches. Unknown to most Indian and foreign tourists, Goa is also home to some of the holiest shrines of various faiths. Unfortunately, a lot of these places of spiritual interest remain largely unknown for various reasons.

The reasons

Over 60 percent of Goa has forest cover. Additionally, a large portion of the state is agricultural land. By nature, indigenous people of Goa are peace loving and welcome tourists. However, large influx of workers from neighboring Karnataka and an increase in number of crimes by migrants have led to xenophobia of sorts.

Added to these are environmental concerns and rumors floated by self-styled activists that tourism activities and infrastructure development leads to pollution and consequently, health problems. The state-run Department of Tourism and Goa Tourism Development Corporation continues focusing on attracting traditional sun-and-sand tourism while other excellent avenues implore for attention.

Here we list some locations in Goa of spiritual interest that tourists seldom visit or know little


Located about 24 km from Panaji, the state capital, Sancoale is one of the most significant places of interest to historians and followers of the Roman Catholic faith.

On January 14, 2015, Pope Francis canonized a personality from Goa known as Blessed Father Joseph Vaz. The canonization ceremony was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka were Joseph Vaz was canonized as saint. Today, he is venerated as St. Joseph Vaz, Apostle of Ceylon and Patron Saint of Sri Lanka.

It was in Sancoale that Joseph Vaz, born in Benaulim, Goa on April 21, 1651 and studied in Sancoale. In 1677, he took an oath to serve Mother Mary at Nossa Senhora de Saude Igreja em Sancoale or, Our Lady of Good Health Church of Sancoale. He dedicated himself as ‘Slave of Mother Mary’ and sealed his oath as a document called “Letter of Enslavement.” The oath took Blessed Father Joseph Vaz to Canara (now Karnataka), remote parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and eventually to Ceylon (modern day Sri Lanka) which was then a Dutch colony. St. Joseph Vaz played a pivotal role in spread of Roman Catholic faith in Sri Lanka despite persecution by the Dutch and local rulers. His life story is nothing short of an adventure.

The ancient church of Sancoale was destroyed by invaders and rebuilt by Portuguese. The new church structure houses a crucifix given to him by the Pope Clement XI. A jackfruit tree dating over 350 years old, where the saint played as a kid, remains till date and so does his ancestral house in Sancoale. Though the church now features a statue of Blessed Father Joseph Vaz offering “enslaving” himself to Mother Mary, this shrine is relatively little known outside Goa. An annual feast dedicated to St. Joseph Vaz is held on January 16 every year at Sancoale.


Also called Marcel, Mashellan and Marcella, the town is located about 24km away from Panaji. Unknown to most, Mashel is home to some 26 shrines dedicated to almost every Hindu deity. Mashel has the unique distinction of having the world’s only ancient temple where Lord Krishna is worshipped along with his earthly mother, Devaki. Legends about Lord Krishna also refer to Mashel as Mahashaila.

The Devaki Krishna Temple has several interesting legends. According to one legend, Lord Krishna found abode in Goapakaparbata (now Goa), after leaving Dwarka (in modern day Gujarat) after defeating Jarasandha, the ruler of Magadh. Indeed, this flight from war, where Lord Krishna’s small army was defeated by the stronger one from Magadh, earned him the name Rancchoddas (deserter from war). Lord Krishna is called Ranchhoddas in Gujarat till date.

His earthly mother, Devaki had not heard from Lord Krishna for long and decided to travel to Goapakaparbata the meeting occurred on the island of Chodan. However, Devaki could not recognize Lord Krishna since he had grown up. To convince his earthly mother, he assumed the form of a child, which forced Devaki to carry Krishna in her arms. Devotees of Sri Krishna built an ancient shrine on Chodan Island to commemorate this unique meeting.

Hence, there are two statues in the Devaki Krishna temple- one depicts Devaki carrying Lord Krishna in her arms while another shows him standing before the mother.

Another legend, slightly modern is, when Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama visited the original shrine on Chodan Island. The statue of Devaki Krishna reportedly fell near his feet. Believing it was an idol of Mother Mary, the Portuguese conqueror ordered his soldiers to leave the idol alone.

Some years later, during the Portuguese inquisition of Goa, Roman Catholic inquisitors called for destruction of shrines of other faiths. Portuguese raiders destroyed the original shrine on Chodan Island. However, members of the Saraswat Brahmin clan learned of this imminent attack and fled with the idols of Devaki-Krishna to a Mashel, which was under Maratha rule. They built a temple to house these idols, which stands till date.

St. Augustine Tower, Old Goa

Though known widely as a Roman Catholic monument, the St. Augustine Tower in Old Goa is now a subject of debate among modern-day historians. Archeological evidence points out that the tower and the complex that now stands in ruins was never built by the Portuguese as claimed. And nor was it a Roman Catholic shrine.

Researchers claim, the original site and tower was built by Sultan Yusuf Adel Shah Bahman of Bijapur. This ruler hailed from Iran’s Bahman dynasty. His army consisted of thousands of men from Middle East and North Africa. The original structure, according to historians, has unmistakable traces of Judaism, including a Bar Mikvah well and ancient paintings that are used by Ethiopian Jews till date.

Interestingly the site of ruins of St. Augustine Tower was the location where the 1965 Bollywood thriller, Gumnaam was shot. While tour operators take tourists to the nearby Bom Jesus Basilica where mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier are kept, they skip St. Augustine’s Tower.

Much more

There are several lesser and unknown places of spiritual interest in Goa. Research to uncover facts of shrines and these ancient places continues with efforts of private researchers, foreign organizations and the Archeological Survey of India.

How it began?

My interest in Sancoale was aroused when my Filipina companion bought a packet of local sweets at Panaji bus stand. The plastic wrapper indicated, the manufacturer was based in Sancoale. The name rang a bell as I searched my memory to relate with it. A driver from Kadamba Transport Corporation elucidated me about the religious significance of Sancoale. Further quizzing led me to Mashel.

Goa for Cheap

Goa can be a rather pricey destination for any traveler. The state ranks among the top 10 seaside destinations of the world. However, considerable savings on our trip were made possible due to coupons I procured online. These coupons from MakeMyTrip allowed us to get hefty discounts airfares as well as accommodation at some top hotels in Goa.

Should you wish to travel to Goa during peak tourism season, which run from mid-October every year to mid-May of the following year, try availing online reservations for air, bus and rail tickets? You can also grab excellent discounts on star-rated hotels and resorts at popular locations in Goa.

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France: You know the name; but how much you know about the country?




It is said that you are in Rome and then behave like Roman. As well, if you find yourself in the group of Mughal; you should take Mughlai Dish. But imagine that you are in France; then don’t try to talk with the  French language. 90% of French people don’t understand English or actually don’t want to understand. They have a competition with British people;, especially with Londoners. And if you don’t know French properly and talk with a French people; then prepare for some of their manners. French people raise their eyebrows almost at the end of their forehead if they hear any broken French Language.

Image result for french language

One of my known ones once went to France once and told us about one road. The Champs Elysees Road is amazing. We all smiled to hear it. In reality that in English spelling this road is Champs Elysees and it’s a world famous road, but in French pronunciation; the name of the road is Sa a Li Je. But if you went to France with this small capital of knowledge and ask someone about the Sa Je Li Je; then prepare that he /she will make his/her eyebrow like an arch. Their pronunciation is something different. But one facility is that, if you don’t know even one French alphabet; yet you can roam inside France wherever you want. The total transportation of France is technology based. You know that the Metro rail station right now in India since a long; but it was first in France. But if you see the outside scenery while you’re in a running train; you will see lots of colorful triangle house just like dolls’ house. We generally accustom to see plain terrace; right? But all of their terrace styles is a triangle. There is no much of Sky Scrapers in Paris because it’s a city of art, but you must see a little piece of a garden adjacent to each and every house. There must be two tresses; one apple and two Strawberries. We know that these fruits are easily available and costly in India, but these fruits are just hugely available inside every garden of every house; isn’t it new to our Indian eyes?

Related image

The most important quality of Paris is that you can like it without any specific reason. It’s a place, having always a feel good quality.

Parisian Road or the French road has another specification. You often see roadside café; but do you see any café in the midst of the road. You can see it in Paris. Another romantic scene is that you can spend your total day within a café just with a cup of coffee. None will tell you anything for that. But if you can order one white wine with it, then it’s more than enough! You can sit there day long to see the walking people or tourists.

Image result for Paris roadside cafe

You can recognize tourists to see their faces. You can guess that most of the tourists are American, but in reality; it’s not. You can see lots of Japanese there. You also can find people of German and Russian. Even you can find Bengali too but hardly find any Bengali lady alone. You can experience one or two walking Bengali couple fighting as well crossing the road. Maybe the husband brings his wife directly from Kolkata to Paris; now tackling the hazards of culture shock!

Another thing you will see in the Parisian Lady. Almost all the French Ladies are very beautiful; just like art paper. Yet ever you find any touch of hard cosmetics; they simply avoid it or know the art of avoiding. Maybe they know something other.

But at this context, another thing you need to know.

There is a market- place in Paris; named Montmartee. It’s famous for women’s flesh and blood. You can’t imagine; how many ways a woman’s body can be cooked and then presented. There are live shows, sex theater and much more. This is same in London, Amsterdam. If you went through the road, you will also find some ladies are waiting on the roadside for their clients. You will not tell them bad. People need to do lots of things for survival. For that, women can also make their own survival. But other people can do business with them; that’s hard to bear.

Another thing is that the common people don’t go for this kind of live show; so that tickets are very cheap there. One sex show is cheaper than one cup of coffee. But you can find a huge line in front of every Art gallery in Paris. You need to book one theater ticket before one month ago in Paris to see the show.  Bad culture doesn’t win; ultimately art wins.

Image result for french theatre

And now, I am telling you about the supermarket of Paris. These all are huge shopping mall just like the finest architecture of the world. You can find everything, from alpine to elephant; maybe the live elephant also. If you go to the meat stall, you will see lots of birds there. You need to choose any one among these; and at a glance, it will come to you as some pieces of meat. Apart from this, you will see lots of vegetable size like Ravana, at least 100 kinds of cakes and 200 kinds of cheese. It seems that even a million of soldiers can’t grab this amount of food within 7 days.


And, after all the seeing, if I was there; somewhere I will feel a pain inside. Lots of food in France; but the neighbor country  Poland is still suffering in austerity.  One Long line you found there in front of every meat stalls; yet everyone doesn’t get this. There is the shortage of  children’s food too. France can send some of its assets to Poland; isn’t?


I am sure; if there was another person; he/she certainly told me “That’s the reason you‘re too simple. Is there any meaning for such question?  Lots of extra foods is in the homes of rich people in India; does it mean that they distribute it all among the less fortunate?’

Now and then, I’ll stop. Sometimes, we all really talk like a fool and so that people say “ Debasmita is very awkward. Don’t know what to say at what time!’’



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Want a Different Taste of Travel Merriment for 31st December? The Perception is here!



Sometimes, it’s essential to tell yourself; “I am not a graceful person. I am not a Sunday morning or Friday sunset. I am a Tuesday 2 A.M, a broken window during February.’’  We all sometimes need to believe that we don’t belong around people, but we belong around to all the leap days that didn’t happen.  Everyone wants to sing the song of love but very few want to sing the song of travelers.   Very few want to tell the Song of Everyone; the song of the road trip; when light and darkness mix under our skin and becomes a storm. You don’t see the lighting; but you can hear the echoes.

Travel is essential for us not just to see how the other people live, and realize how the world is much bigger; it’s not for the coming back home but to feel that something in our mind is shifted. And.. Surely it changes everything.

  • Hill Station; Darjeeling; The Unparalleled Beauty

Image result for hill station darjeeling

But why should we visit as well re visit in Darjeeling? What does Darjeeling have that other hill stations don’t have? Do you think that it’s in the snow-clad Kanchenjunga range, of course? Yes and No. Not only that; yet no other hill resorts have that backdrop, which is quite so spectacular.

How you feel when you wake up to a morning like this outside your window, with the dewdrops trickling down the glass pane…!, how you feel when the fun-filled childhood memories: the shrill whistle of the huffing and puffing Toy Train echoing across the ridge? How you feel when you see, some scarlet amidst all the grey. Rhododendrons. Fog; and of course, Smiles!

Don’t and never miss to enjoy the journey from Siliguri to Darjeeling

Because you just need to see the sun set beneath the tea gardens, the stopover at Kurseong for momos was worth for it, and then the cold wind which will blow across your face.  The trees swayed their shadowy heads against the backdrop of the deep blue dusk. See every floating cloud, roaming outside and discover a kite runner inside you. Don’t forget to stare at the sky, which seems very close to you.

  • Another Destination- Corbett National Park

Corbett is of course a big break from monotonous work. It’s for those who look at the Jim Corbett website, deadly want a jungle –safari and the big images of tiger make their nerves excited like a child. Surprising, but the best visiting time is in a rainy day. Of course, the muddy rugged road in the forest will give the tummies a jerky exercise and make you counting every moment to reach another point. The soil soaked water, the smell of the moist of earth gives the feeling of the hills at a distance. Sometimes, we all need to have to spend the night in guest bungalows, log houses and cottages. The name like Jungle Trail and Tiger Paws tickle the adventurous nerves with a unique eeriness.

  • And a Trekking into Corbett; isn’t it’s necessary?

There are three things that every adventurer must remove from the to do list. Those are never to get shocked, never to get scared and never to get over confident. Generally, who like a jungle safari, are not the kind of traveler who go to the destination only to keep memorable frames or gaze straight at rock engravings. Corbett trekking is not any hard one, but of course a curious trek that one can keep collecting everything that tickled awe-nerves. First,  you need to cross the iron bridge near the forest, where you look up to locate the rock edge; beginning of the jungle. A terrific energy had engulfed as you move forward and set the eyes on! Don’t miss the museum that stood like a semi haunted British building with an asset of envious artifacts of mountaineering expeditions on its walls.

  • Take the Journey of Different Taste; Indian Museum

Image result for indian museum

Founded in 1814, Indian Museum, is the earliest and the largest museum of the world. People often say, museum is for the wise and old only, but the truth is that time flows quicker than aero plane inside a museum hall. Just try to feel the 2000 years old ancient wind and stare at sculptures, which are then collected from the ancient unknown or city, town which never thought to return so soon.

Inside all of us, there’s a little kid who always keeps his memories alive in those yellow roses, who always wants to keep his memories like a chapter that never closes. Life is a journey like travel and travel is a journey like life. It is a long road for just walking. It is said a road trip is worthy of everything. When we fall, we should smell the soil, get up and keep walking through the scorching sun, midnight rain and splashy thunder.  Life bestows lots of gifts as well as a shock to all of us. Often we see the old chocolate wrappers are in garbage and the pink net curtains are on fire; yet we must keep walking. Each drop of sweat that runs down says that we are getting livelier with every hour.


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