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Exploring the Hill Forts near Bangalore – Self Drive Adventures



Hill Forts

Circling around Bangalore’s outskirts and surrounding districts, one will come across some very interesting historical sites and landmarks. There are many hill forts near the city which are a pleasant drive away and are perfect for short scenic hikes. With a car hire app, one can easily plan an impromptu trip with friends and delve into the local history of the place. Here are some top recommendations.


Those who are familiar with the winding roads of Nandi Hills would know about this fort. The Nandidurga is not a very old fort – most believe that its current structure was built in the reign of Tipu Sultan, for whom this was a summer retreat. It is easily accessible by car and is one of the most picturesque drives near Bangalore. Most people come here for the splendid panoramic views, but there are a lot of other activities that can be enjoyed here. Hiking and bird watching are just some of the wonderful options.


A 60-km drive north from the city, Makalidurga stands on an impressive hillock that looms over thick forests. The trek up by foot is a vigorous affair. The reward at the windswept summit is a beautiful view and the cool fresh air. At the top of the hillock, one can find old stone ramparts and the remains of an ancient temple.


Sitting atop one of the biggest monoliths on the continent is Savandurga fort, or rather the ruins of it. The summit is more than 1200 metres above sea level, and the surrounding forests also teem with birds and wild mammals. This fort was the object of many battles and featured prominently during the Anglo-Mysore wars of the 17th and 18th century. It was captured by Lord Cornwallis from Tipu Sultan in 1791, a very important event that led to further colonial domination in the south of the country.


Located in the beautiful Kanakapura district, Kabbaladurga is a famous hiking destination that reaches the summit at an old hill fort. Many go for night excursions to this place when the temperatures are low, and the lack of visibility adds to the experience. Perfect for a day trip from Bangalore, Kabbaladurga today has a few fort walls remaining along with a temple dedicated to the goddess Kabbalamma.

Choose Self Drive

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Nothing beats the thrill of exploring from behind the wheel. Hop into a self drive rental and catch a glimpse of lost history. Enjoy visiting the hill forts near Bangalore.

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