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Dual WhatsApp: Run two Whatsapp accounts on one phone

Dual WhatsApp: Whatsapp has always amazed people with its new features. It has become an important app to communicate with different people staying in different places. You can even transfer images, videos, and documents through Whatsapp. Moreover, you can send your live location through this app only. You can now even open a business account on Whatsapp for running and spreading your business. Whatsapp has recently introduced a feature by applying which you can have a dual account on Whatsapp.

It is easy to run Dual Whatsapp on your phone

All you need is a dual SIM phone and if you’re having a dual SIM phone then you can easily have two accounts of Whatsapp on your single phone. There are many ways of having a dual account of Whatsapp while some phones are having inbuilt apps. If you are not having an in-built app on your phone then you will have to install the third party app. But it is not too hard to run two Whatsapp on Android phone. But a very bad news for the iPhone user is that they cannot have the following feature other than a few costly ones.

The main point is that you will be requiring a dual SIM. The main reason is that it uses the number for identification and detection takes place with the help of call or SMS. However, if you want to do it on iPhone then you will have to buy an iPhone XS Max or iPhone XS for that. Coz, not all iPhone supports dual SIM.

Dual Whatsapp For Oppo, Honor, Xiaomi, and Vivo

If you are having these phones then you will have to follow certain steps which are very simple. In case of all these phones, you will have to install the Whatsapp first. After installing Whatsapp you will have to clone it in the settings button of your phone. You will have to tap on the Dual apps on the above-mentioned phones. Xiaomi suggests a dual app, while Honor is having the name as App twin and Oppo is having the name as clone app. Then to make it work you will have to turn on the toggle.

Vivo is having a little different but somewhat similar to the above-mentioned phones. In the case of Vivo you will have to go to the settings button and then you will have to tap the clone app which is present a little beneath the other options. Then the next step is you will have to toggle the switch for enabling the button named as Display the clone button. After this, you will have to install this on your phone from Google Play Store. If you press on any icon for a longer time, an ”x” sign appears but some apps like the Whatsapp will have a “+”  symbol. The last and final step is you will be pressing “+” symbol for cloning the app on your phone. Now you will be having two of a kind on your single phone.

Dual Whatsapp For another Android phone where parallel cloning is not there

If there is no in-built app on your phone then you will have to install a third party app. The main thing you will have to do is that you will have to install the parallel space which is found in the Google Play Store. After installing this you will be directly taken to the page of cloning app whichever you want. Then you will have to select the apps you want to clone and then you will have to tap the button named as Add to Parallel space. Then this will take you to the parallel space where you will see the app to run on your phone in a virtual install. However, the app may be free but one of the major disadvantages is that it supports ad. But you can remove the ads just by subscribing them in the app-purchase.

Another method includes the installing of an app known as the GBWhatsapp but you will have to install this app through APK. However, it is only used for a single scenario which can run dual Whatsapp and so it is better if you use the parallel space for running dual Whatsapp on your phone.

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