The Most Played Casino Sites In Malaysia And Where To Find Them

The Entertainment Industry: How Gambling Has Held Such A Strong Foothold Within the Malaysian Markets


The Entertainment Industry is one of the most extensive in the entire world. Humans, ever since our humble beginnings as hunters, tribesmen and gatherers have searched for ways to keep themselves occupied when they weren’t hunting, through cave paintings.


Now that we have the commodity of not needing to hunt and gather resources to survive, Entertainment has had the chance to grow and expand, from a number of different types of literature, to films which continue to experiment to give new perspectives to their audience, the sector of entertainment holds no bounds. With Ed Sheeran & Doja Cat collaborating at this year’s Brit awards, we can truly say that the Sky’s the limit, and this transpires to one of the most popular areas of the entertainment industry, gambling.


Gambling has taken the world by storm and is one of the most profitable markets globally, raking in billions in all types of currency every day. Many are captivated by the high risks, the adrenaline rush, the prospect of winning major profits, and the drive to win again, following said profit.


Worldwide, most western and secular countries have embraced the prospect of gambling, seeing its profitability and economic benefits. However, many Asian countries do not see this, in a similar light. The country of Malaysia is no exception, as there is a hazy line between gambling and sports betting, due to a number of reasons, most of them having to do with the country’s legal system.


This ambiguity is what has led to a heavy rise of online casinos within the country. Within this article, this will be highlighted, as well as guiding you to find the best way to bet in Malaysia, as well as, guiding you to some of the top Malaysian online casino sites, making sure you can bet easily and conveniently.

A Brief Look At The Malaysian Legal System & Gambling


Not only does Malaysia’s legal system incorporate elements of British common law, but it also incorporates portions of Sharia law, which is the legal code followed by Muslims. As a result, it takes a relatively conservative position toward gambling, albeit one that is not quite as stringent as that of countries like Indonesia.


As a result of this, those who are Muslim are not allowed to gamble, as this goes directly against what is said in the Quran and the Sunnah, and is strictly enforced through Sharia Law.


However, non-Malay citizens are not compelled to comply with Sharia law. The legislation that resulted from this, known as the Betting Act of 1953, has a considerable impact on the gambling industry due to the tight rules it imposes. Many believe that Sharia Law and The Betting Act may become more interlinked due to Sharia law becoming more and more involved with common law in Malaysia.


As a result, most forms of gambling are outlawed for Muslims, and heavily regulated for Non-Muslim Citizens, with a license being a requirement for one to run a gambling institution, such as a lottery. The realm of online casinos is one which is still a tad hazy.

Some Of the Best, And Safest Online Casinos In Malaysia


Online Sportsbooks are more challenging for the government to regulate. When it comes to choosing sites such as these, one must keep in mind that these are within a legal gray area, and that they must tread lightly on said gambling sites. Not to worry however, as below is a list of some of the best, and most reliable online casinos in Malaysia.

Dafabet – Combining Aesthetics and Gambling


One of the biggest things that Dafabet has to offer, in regard to gambling, is a wide variety of themes which it delivers to its many slots, a feature in which Dataset specializes and puts a heavy emphasis on.


While they have a limited amount of slots, it does not feel this way, as the numerous themes each slot has, gives them variety. It is also helped by the amount of other games it boasts, such as blackjack, video poker, and baccarat, just to name a few.


22Bet – Some of the Best Starting Bonuses You’ve Ever Seen


22Bet has the best welcome bonus in Malaysia. This casino matches first-time deposits up to $350. That’s more money than other top online casinos offer, but you must gamble it 50 times. Bonus requires no promo code.


22Bet offers many methods to stake your free cash. This Malaysian online casino includes around 1,150 games and even has the commodity of having its own online app.

1XBet – Specializing in Crypto Currency


1XBet is one of the best online casinos in Malaysia. This online casino offers more than 1,500 games, including 1,000 online slots Malaysia from dozens of leading software companies. 1XBet has live blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker.


You can search the casino’s huge game library by type or software supplier. 1XBet lets you save your most-played games as favorites, so you can easily return to them. This Online Casino also puts a heavy emphasis on using Cryptocurrency and offers a number of bonuses for those who use them as a deposit method.


Concluding statements: The State of Gambling In Malaysia And Online Gaming Within The State


As was previously aforementioned, the aspect of online gambling within Malaysia is a grey area which people should be wary of due to the volatility of the Malaysian legal system. However, this doesn’t mean one cannot play it safe. By making sure the online gambling site used is legitimate, and licensed, the risks of gambling are heavily mitigated.

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