The Cop Smashed His Typewriter, This Old Man’s Only Source Of Income

These images show that how Indian police officer smashing the old man typewriter, This 65 year old man’s only source of income.

The Cop Smashed His Typewriter, This Old Man’s Only Source Of Income !!
Name – Kishan Kumar. He has been doing Hindi typing for 35-yrs outside General Post Office(GPO), Lucknow.
Working 10 hours a day on his old typewriter, which cost him Rs 5000, he used to get 50Rs per day. But he could never imagine that the typewriter which earned him his bread and butter could not take a kick from a sick policeman.
After the first blow he collected the parts and put it back together, andbegged for mercy as he was cursed with the sin called ‘Poverty’. But police snatched the typewriter from the poor man with his powerful arms and threw it smashing it into pieces. It shattered with the dreams of poor man.
65-year-old Krishna Kumar started collecting his dream wrapped in pieces of that typewriter. But every part of it cried like him, not able to get together. When we asked him now what was he going to do, he turned towards us, eyes filled with water and flowing pieces of dreams in it, and said that he had been doing that job for the past 35 years. He has seen the world change before his eyes; maybe it was time to change himself. Now Hindi was no more needed for the country like his old typewriter. He kept looking at the pieces of the typewriter with the shattered dreams in his eyes.
People willing to help him can get in touch with him directly.
Name: Kishan Kumar. Location: Lucknow
Mob: +919335052997

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