Zelto (AdPushup) Observes ‘World Mental Health Day”

Zelto Inc, a global market leader in the advertising technology ecosystem, observed World Mental Health day to spread awareness about the importance of work life balance and other aspects related to the mental health and physical health of individuals.


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Divya Narula, Pyschologist, being felicitated by Dr. Aditi Banerjee, Director-HR


Leading health and wellness experts from Delhi were invited as guests for the event, namely Psychologist Divya Narula, Dr. Seema Jain – General Physician, Dr. Ishita Das – Gynaecologist, Dr. Chestha Sachdeva – Nutritionist. They shared their expert views on health and well being and how people can take care of their minds along with their bodies in a busy world.


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Zelto employees with the panelists from the event


The event started with a panel discussion led by Psychologist Divya Narula on the topic – Managing stress in the workplace. It also included group psychology sessions focusing on stress management with other experts who were a part of the guest panel. The event laid emphasis on the link between physical well being & their mental health and how to create a necessary balance between both to stay healthy.


Sharing the vision behind the event, Dr. Aditi Banerjee, Director-HR said, “The vision behind the event was to spread the much needed awareness regarding mental health and its various aspects. Mental health is not just about dealing with work life balance or selected stressors. It is an overall state of being and feeling healthy. Hence we tried to adopt a holistic approach by inviting various health experts in different fields of medical science so as to learn what all measures can be taken to attain that healthy state of mind and body.


It is important to understand that mental health is also directly linked to your physical well being, hormonal balance, psychosocial wellness as well as the nutrition in the body and hence they go hand in hand. Last but not the least, we always wanted to spread the message that there will always be stressful situations in life, it could be eustress or distress so it is important to master the concept of stress management,” she added.


In addition to such informative events, Zelto encourages a healthy work environment with necessary policies in place to make sure that their employees are able to maintain a healthy balance between work and their personal life. Some of these policies include offering their employees unlimited casual leaves, flexible work hours and encourages open communication between employees at the workplace.

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