YS Scholarships Proceeds to Phase II of Student Selection After Receiving up to 2,000 Applications

  • With a funding of up to 1 Crore Rupees, your-space is determined to support the cause of education. 

  • Over 40 students have been selected during phase 1 of interviews, aiming to award 40 more by November.

  • YS Scholarships has engaged with more than 10 colleges through this program.


Your-Space, India’s most loved student housing company, announced the launch of their new Scholarship program – YS Scholarships, in the month of May 2022. In a matter of days, your-space had received up to 2000 applications from at least 20 different cities in the country, among whom were students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


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YS representatives – Chirag Sood, AVP Sales, Neetika Gupta, Project Manager. BhartiyaVidyapeeth College, Pune II


The YS Scholarship program has been partitioned into two phases: the first phase of which has been successfully completed after several rounds of applicant interviews. Determined by the interviews, more than 40 students were selected for the scholarships, aiming to award 40 more by the end of November. The YS Scholarship program has readily connected with over 20 colleges to fund the awarded students for their upcoming semesters. Some of these colleges include: IIT Bombay, DTU, University of Delhi, Christ University, St. Xaviers Mumbai, HR College, and Bhartiya Vidyapeeth. The key ambition for this initiative is to make it an annual opportunity for students from all across the country to take part in.


Nidhi Kumra, Co-founder and CEO, Your-Space, talked about the program, “This scholarship is not just about funding the higher education of these students, but also about helping the future of our nation; allowing them to dream without the constraints of financial burdens holding them back. As an interviewer who heard the stories of some of these students, I got to witness first-hand how big of an impact this scholarship really makes in the lives of these students. These meritorious students deserve all the support we can offer them. Their strive to succeed and hard work makes our cause all the more rewarding



Some of the stories that came forward during this phase of the program left everyone speechless. There were students who were the first generation from their families pursuing a higher level of education. Most of them had to raise themselves while also taking responsibility for their siblings, working harder than children their age should have to. Some even took time off of school, taking on responsibilities way beyond their age and working small time jobs, in an effort to lessen the financial burden of their daily-waged parents.


Launching the YS Scholarship program has been such a wonderful experience. We are proud to have started this journey and we intend to make this an ongoing continuous program. The ambition is to reach out to as many worthy students as possible, each year, and offer them an opportunity to fulfil their educational goals. Your-Space has always been always about building an engaged community, and watching it grow into an entity that now provides the students of our nation hope, is truly inspiring.” – Investor, your-space, Manish Choksi

About Your-Space

Your-Space is an IIM Cambridge – initiative co-founded by former bankers, consultants and great friends, Nidhi Kumra and Shubha Lal who recognized the disproportion in the student housing environment and created a welcoming space for young adults to find a home in. Your-Space was set up with the purpose of improving student-life while they work hard away from home. Your-Space was born with a purpose, to better the students’ world while they toil hard to study away from their homes. Its foundation is cemented in four pillars of commitment: Security, Comfort, Community and Health. It is redefining student living with a unique product proposition. The core philosophy is to cultivate a student-first environment that promotes holistic well-being and personal growth. With 12000+ operational beds in 10 cities, Your-Space will have more than 25,000 beds by July 2023 for the coming 2023-2024 academic year. 

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