Wozart’s TrueOccupancy Sensor is Set to Hit the Market by December 2021


Urbanization & industrial advancements have changed human lives. We are now seeking convenience in every aspect of our day. While it has its own advantages, the undeniable disadvantage is the rising energy consumption across all industries and at home. Sustainable energy consumption is now a global goal. With the goal of increasing energy-efficiency in homes, Wozart was founded in 2016 to build gadgets that allow users to control and monitor their energy usage and automate their homes for both convenience and optimized energy consumption.


Wozart is inventing tomorrow by creating retrofittable, secure and reliable IoT solutions to build smart homes, hotels and hospitals of the future. There are a number of problems encountered with existing smart homes solutions such as lack of interoperability, cumbersome installation process, unaffordability, insecure data communication among devices and the quality of UX. Wozart solves these problems efficiently with products that are compatible with smart home platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings. The devices can be installed within a few minutes and are extremely cost effective. The high secure data communication coupled with a mesmerizing UX makes this the top choice for your smart homes.


Wozart is now the worlds first presence based smart home solution owing to the launch of its power-packed TrueOccupancy sensor. Unlike regular motion sensors, which can only detect moving persons, Wozarts TrueOccupancy Sensor can detect even a stationary person. Installed at the doorway, the TrueOccupancy Sensor uses thermal imaging and AI to count the number of people walking in and out of the room, without compromising on privacy. By knowing which rooms in the house are occupied and which are not, one can save energy by automatically turning off lights and appliances in unoccupied rooms. The TrueOccupancy Sensor is currently in beta and will be available for sale by December 2021.


   Manoj Malineni, CEO of Wozart

Speaking about the new product launch, Manoj Malineni, CEO of Wozart said, “The TrueOccupancy sensor realises our dream of enabling truly automated homes. As you walk around, your home responds by instantly switching on lights and appliances in the room you entered and switching off those in the room you left. You can even choose which lights and appliances to switch on/off depending on the time of the day and the temperature, humidity and ambient light intensity in the room.”


Another big news in the smart automation landscape is Matter. Matter is an upcoming standard in the smart home industry that plans to unify Apple, Amazon and Googles smart home systems into one. Wozarts entire range of products will be compatible with Matter soon after its launch.


With the mission of sustainably enhancing and simplifying human life, Wozart strives to provide the best possible user experience throughout the product lifecycle, right from purchase to installation to reliable usage for many years.


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