World’s First 3D Designed Prosthetic Leg Provider from Japan Forays into Indian Market with a Funding of Rs. 26 Crore


  • The Japanese producer creates products inspired by 3D print and AI driven technology

  • Operations to begin in India (Gurgaon) where they will offer these advanced products

  • Instalimb believes in offering value-added services like online stump check for patients who wants to save time to travel to the clinic and also designated counsellors will attend to patients from onboard to delivery along with prosthetists.


Japan based world’s first 3D-printed prosthetic legs maker Instalimb raised 445 million yen (Rs. 26 crore) in Series A funding in Japan (including investment, loans, and grants) to foray into the Indian market and launched its technologically advanced prosthetic wear solutions in Gurgaon on 1st of July.


Japan-based Instalimb introduced advanced quality prosthetic legs with personalized solutions in the Indian Market


Instalimb promises value proposition to the Indian market by revolutionizing prosthetic socket fit and production process that is widely scalable, does not require much space and does not require manpower with specialized skill. This game changing start-up aims to deliver the highest-quality prosthesis leg with socket (tech) and alignment (PO quality) to 48 million people who currently do not have access to a device in the world. 


Selected as a “J-startup” by the Japanese government as one of the best technology start-ups in Japan, Instalimb products are inspired by 3D and AI technology that offers the much-needed comfort and desired fit for the end users.


According to multiple research around 70% of amputees develop skin related issues associated with prosthetic wear. It also revealed that an ill fitted prosthetic can restrict rehabilitation and pose balance issues for amputees. Taking these findings into consideration, it was observed that it is important for a prosthetic leg to have the right design along with a good socket fit. Instalimb products are strategically developed with advanced technology, superior quality and affordability that will help users to not only walk comfortably but also climb the steps with ease.


In fact, Instalimb’s dedication and confidence in the socket quality enable them to be the only clinic that provides test socket and test fitting for free. The company knows that any amputees can see the difference in quality.


Yutaka Tokushims, CEO, Instalimb, said, “Instalimb is an innovative approach towards the prosthetics industry. Issues related to socket fit were identified as the biggest factor affecting rehabilitation by around 50% of amputees and 66% of clinicians. Instalimb has taken efforts to meet the expectations of the end users. With our launch in India, we are expecting to reach out to a larger set of individuals who need this kind of an advanced assistance and help them to get back their active lifestyle.”


Funded by the Japanese government, Instalimb has connected with eminent hospitals like AIIMS as well as one of the largest organizations, Jaipur Foot for collaborative projects.


Instalimb has catered to over 500+ amputees in the Philippines since 2019. In India, Instalimb will head its operations from a clinic in Gurgaon. Amputees can register themselves by logging on to


For any business-related inquiries, reach them at [email protected].


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