WithSecure Corporation’s Board of Directors has appointed

WithSecure Corporation, Stock Exchange Release, 12 April 2022, 23:30 EEST

WithSecure Corporation’s Board of Directors has appointed the President & CEO and Management Team members of the new Consumer Security company

As announced in a stock exchange release on 17 February 2022, the Board of Directors of WithSecure Corporation (“WithSecure”) decided to pursue towards the separation of the Consumer Security business through a partial demerger (the “Demerger”), whereby WithSecure’s Consumer Security business would be transferred into a new independent company, to be named F-Secure Corporation (“F-Secure”), whereas the renamed WithSecure Corporation would carry on the Corporate Security business.

The Board of Directors of WithSecure Corporation has appointed Timo Laaksonen as the President & CEO of F-Secure. Currently, Mr. Laaksonen is the Executive Vice President of Consumer Security at WithSecure, and he has held various positions at WithSecure since 2012. Before his time at WithSecure, Mr. Laaksonen has held senior leadership positions in several international software companies.  He will continue in his current position until the completion of the Demerger, at which time the appointments concerning F-Secure will take effect.

Furthermore, the following persons have been appointed to constitute F-Secure’s Management Team, together with the President & CEO, effective upon the completion of the Demerger:

Michal Iwan Vice President, Security Suite Business Team
Mikko Kestilä Vice President, Operations
Richard Larcombe Chief Marketing Officer
Antero Norkio Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
Steven Offerein Vice President, Portfolio Management
Paul Palmer Senior Vice President, Partner Business
Sari Somerkallio Chief Financial Officer
Perttu Tynkkynen Senior Vice President, Direct Business
Dmitri Vellikok Vice President, Network Security Business Team
Kitta Virtavuo Chief People Officer
Toby White Chief Technology Officer

The Extraordinary General Meeting resolving on the Demerger has been convened to be held on 31 May 2022 in accordance with the meeting notice published earlier today. The intended effective date for the completion of the Demerger is 30 June 2022. After the completion of the Demerger, F-Secure will announce changes in the company’s senior management in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

The resolution on the President & CEO and Management Team of F-Secure Corporation is conditional upon the implementation of the Demerger, i.e., the resolution will enter into force in connection with the registration of the completion of the Demerger on the planned effective date.

More information about the Demerger can be found on the company’s website at https://www.WithSecure.com/en/investors/demerger.

Contact information:

Laura Viita, Investor Relations Director, WithSecure Corporation
+358 50 487 1044

WithSecure Oyj

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