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Stress is just a reaction form our thinking to an external event. By tapping into our innate wisdom we can change our reaction and stress can be prevented.”

— Dr Manoj Krishna

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — It is estimated that 75%-90% of Primary Care visits in the US are stress-linked (stress.org). Long-term stress is linked can impact our physical and mental health, and impact our performance at work. We assume stress is inevitable, but it can be prevented using our own innate wisdom, which comes from a deeper understanding of ourselves. The HumanWisdom app supports people to connect with their own wisdom and transform their lives. The benefits to the individual and to society of doing so are incalculable.

The HumanWisdom app is part of the Human Wisdom Project. Its aim is to help people live their best lives and create a better future for humanity. It was founded by retired spine-surgeon, Dr Manoj Krishna, who is the author of Stress Free, and Understanding Me, Understanding You.

We assume our stress comes from the outside, but it is just a reaction from our thinking to an external event. To end our stress we can either change the event, which is often not possible, or change our reaction to it. To change our reaction we need to understand ourselves and where our reactions come from, and this is where the HumanWisdom app can help. In a survey of users, 83% reported less stress and anxiety.

With over 60 modules the app offers breathing exercises and meditations to feel better now, and then takes users deeper to understand the root cause, for lasting benefit. Realising that stress is a reaction from our thinking to an external event and taking ownership of that reaction allows us to do something about it ourselves.

For example, social media can make us feel stressed and inadequate because we think others have more than us, or are better than us, and we blame them for how we feel. By understanding that our feeling of envy is not caused by social media but by our mind comparing all the time, we can use comparison only when it serves us and social media no longer causes the same stress reaction.

Stress is just a difference between how things are and how we want them to be. By accepting how things are, for example someone else’s opinion, our stress can end.

Similarly the app explores 14 other ways we can take charge of our own stress reaction and prevent most of the stress we feel. That can positively impact our mental health, our relationships, and boost our performance at work. The HumanWisdom app is free to download and browse and offers plenty of free content. Preventing stress is possible, but to do so we need to access our own innate wisdom, which comes from a deeper self-understanding.

Manoj Krishna
HumanWisdom Ltd
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Stress can be prevented, and overcome

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