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SHERIDAN, WYOMING, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, December 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Thomas Orths, CEO of WellCelerators LLC has announced a new collaboration with ‘BIP100 CLUB ’ “BIP: Business Is Personal. Celebrating Experts”. This is an exclusive intimate online community limited to 100 bright business experts, all focused on growth, friendship and innovation. They also meet socially in BIP100 Masterminds.

The unique focus is on personal close relationships. Which is also a strong success factor in the WellCeleration process of Thomas Orths. Think about this: it is scientifically proven that if you aim to become even more remarkable in whatever your mission is you have to surround yourself with like minded success oriented people. Besides, an old saying goes: Your network is your net worth. Any leader should ask him- or herself: Who do you surround yourself with, on a daily basis?

Thomas Orths has known Penny & Thomas Power, the founders of BIP100.club, since 2010. Back then, Penny & Thomas Power created the Ecadamy with 650.000 members, as an online space for business owners to grow through learning, connecting and self development. Penny Power has been awarded an OBE by Queen Elisabeth in 2014 for the Ecademy.

In contrast, today Penny & Thomas Power are building the BIP100 Club. Launched in 2020, and limited to 100 carefully selected members, through an interview process of over 2000 applicants so far. Only 80 have made it as approved BIP100 CLUB members. Thomas Orths being one of them.

This shows that he and his WellCelerators approach stands out and goes beyond business growth coaching and is recognized to add real value to business owners to excel.

In the interview with Thomas Power, Thomas Orths explains the full spectrum of how he supports Leaders and Business Owners:

His WellCeleration process enables remarkable people to excel.


He enables his clients in powerful sessions to identify:

– What’s working well, and how they can improve or accelerate that even further.

– What’s not working so well, and how they bring that back into flow.

Wellceleration works in all areas of life, business and personal, leading to

– more profit with less stress

– more performance with less pressure

– more sales with less pushing

– more leadership with less managing

– more team cohesion with less distrust

– more delegation with less shortfalls

– more fulfillment with less doubt

– more abundance with less effort

– more peace of mind with less mind chatter

– more happiness with less frustration

– more self worth with less neediness

– more romance with less illusion

There is no separation between personal and business development. Personal issues influence business performance heavily – and vice versa.

To excel in one area and ignore the others equals self-sabotage. It’s time for a holistic WellCeleration approach. This is what traditional executive coaching firms

are lacking.

Depending on the client’s level of commitment it won’t even take long to benefit from considerable and measurable improvements.

First there is a call to check whether or not the candidate is compatible for Thomas Orths to collaborate. In any case, the client can already experience the first WellCelerator light bulb moment and gain insights – completely free of charge.

And when there is a good match, CEO Thomas Orths makes sure the coaching mandate is very customized – addressing the coachee’s detailed objectives and requirements.

About WellCelerators LLC:

The owner, CEO and founder of the company has wellcelerated the corporate world. Acclaimed coach and mentor, Thomas Orths has spent more than 31 years supporting people in the corporate world. He and his team have enabled more than 20,000 people around the world to align and perform even better. With over 63,000 sessions processed leadership coach Thomas Orths can wellCelerate any top leader, but he only works with selected leaders that are a good fit. “It all starts with a first engagement call to check if there is a match for collaboration. If so, we let it flow from there…” – WellCelerators’ CEO Thomas Orths points out. Top leaders ready to excel may submit their application on https://coachingfortopleaders.com.

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Thomas Orths introduces the WellCeleration Process


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