VW Pays UK Diesel Owners £193m, with Mercedes Owners Urged to Act Fast

Online legal information service, ClaimExperts.co.uk, is supporting owners in securing compensation they may have previously missed.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — ClaimExperts.co.uk is announcing it is reaching out to Mercedes owners who are worried they have missed out on compensation for a global emissions scandal.

ClaimExperts.co.uk is an online resource that produces easy-to-understand and comprehensive guides on all possible claims in the UK. The service connects potential claimants with an expert panel of pre-vetted legal firms and solicitors and is completely free of charge – all while ensuring users can go into any legal claim armed with the information they desperately need.

According to ClaimExperts.co.uk, the dieselgate scandal, as it is now known, that began in 2015 has finally reached its conclusion, with 91,000 claimants receiving thousands in compensation in an out-of-court settlement from Volkswagen.

Now, Mercedes diesel owners are next in line for a payout. The £193million agreement will see each claimant receiving an average payout of just over £2,100, a greatly appreciated sum in the current cost of living crisis.

In the scandal, Volkswagen was found to be cheating emissions tests by installing a defeat device in some of their diesel vehicles. This bit of software would recognise when the vehicle was being tested and lower the emissions but, when the vehicles were on the road, emissions could be up to forty times over the regulatory limit where it was tested in the US.

Now, the next in line for a potential bruising defeat in the UK could be Mercedes-Benz, who is facing similar claims of diesel engine tampering. However, Mercedes owners are being urged to act soon to avoid a similar fate of many Volkswagen owners. Over the past few weeks, in fact, ClaimExperts.co.uk has been inundated with messages from Volkswagen owners who wish to claim – and are now being told they are too late.

“In the past two weeks alone, we’ve had hundreds of enquiries relating to the now closed Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal,” says Director at ClaimExperts.co.uk, William Morris, who spoke about the spike of disappointed Volkswagen owners. “People are seeing their neighbours about to receive thousands in compensation and wondering ‘why didn’t I do that?’ As such, we are now reaching out to Mercedes diesel owners to ensure that those who are entitled to diesel emissions compensation do not miss out. Our goal is to make sure Mercedes is held accountable for their potential lies on emissions through our comprehensive services.”

Experts suggest that approximately 1,000,000 UK Mercedes could be effected with each of those vehicles being owned by a number of people through the eligible years between 2008-2018.

“All of this points towards Mercedes having a similar headache on the horizon, similar to Volkswagen,” says Morris.

“Mercedes continues to deny any wrongdoing and have said they would fight the claim in the courts, but the case is now ongoing with various investigators and legal experts probing the German manufacturer. In the meantime, our team at ClaimExperts.co.uk has a free-to-use eligibility checker to determine whether you could be eligible for compensation. Find out more about this checker on ClaimExperts.co.uk’s partner website, Emissions.co.uk here.

Other vehicle manufacturers may have also added a defeat device to their engines. Therefore, ClaimExperts.co.uk also offer an option for owners of other manufacturers to add their details to a waiting list pending more investigations.

For more details about the Mercedes claim, please visit https://www.claimexperts.co.uk/mercedes-diesel-emissions-claims-dieselgate-compensation/.

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