Vivun Launches Eval to Bring Transparency and Trust to B2B

OAKLAND, Calif., Nov. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — B2B buyers today are looking for a sure thing. They sail into vendor meetings educated, prepared, often having tried the product already. They’ve put off talking to sales until the last possible minute. They wanted to draw their own conclusions. Now they’re laser-focused on making sure the product can do what the business needs. They’ve been burned before. They’re not going to let it happen again.

It’s not how things used to be. Not long ago, vendors controlled the buying process. Sales teams focused on “building the relationship” with customers while keeping the product at arm’s length. But those days are quickly coming to an end. According to analyst firm Gartner, by 2025 80% of enterprises will adopt business models that enable free-trial or freemium offerings. As a result, buyers have already tried the technology by the time they contact the vendor. At that point, they’re looking for expert assistance and final validation that the product does what they need it to. Only then will they commit for the long haul.

This new approach to buying demands more collaborative tools for selling. That’s the idea behind Eval by Vivun® , a new SaaS product that enables vendors to guide buyers through evaluations in an environment that fosters transparency, alignment, and trust. With Eval, vendors and buyers work together to address needs, realize value, and close deals faster.

Eval is the latest product from the creator of Hero, the world’s first AI-powered PreSales solution. Built on Vivun’s groundbreaking PSIOps™ platform, Eval holds everyone accountable, leaving no doubt whether the technology is a match for the buyer’s business use case. It also replaces an array of siloed tools such as spreadsheets, email, and collaboration apps. In their place, Eval delivers an incredible, buyer-centric experience.

With Eval, vendors can:

  • Arm their team with the tools to shape evaluations in their favor
  • Create alignment on requirements and the timeline for decision making
  • Manage scope creep during the entire process
  • Facilitate transparent communication between all parties
  • Summarize conclusions in a way that accelerates deal closure

With Eval, buyers can:

  • Gain confidence that the product aligns with their needs and use cases
  • Get mutual accountability so they’re on equal footing with the seller
  • Arrive at a buying decision faster to get back to business
  • Be assured of a seamless handoff from sales to support
  • Get promoted by buying the right solutions for the business

For PreSales — the team tasked with validating solutions for customers — the launch of Eval by Vivun comes not a moment too soon.

“PreSales is beyond ready for Eval,” said Nick Durkin, Field CTO of Harness. “When buyers and vendors aren’t aligned, we’re always the ones who have to pick up the pieces. Timelines shift, buyers’ expectations change. No one has a clear record of the buyer’s needs. Nobody knows what’s been said, or what’s been committed to. It’s time-consuming and frustrating on both sides. With Eval, finally, there’s a single, trusted source of truth.”

Eval doesn’t just keep buyers and sellers aligned. It keeps sales and customer success departments in sync as well. The entire customer-facing team can use Eval to rally around the buyer, ensuring everyone who contacts the customer has knowledge at their fingertips from previous interactions. No need to ask the same questions time after time. Everything is recorded and available to everyone.

“Modern B2B selling requires transparency, collaboration, and alignment in order to meet the new breed of buyer on their terms,” said Matt Darrow, Vivun co-founder & CEO. “Eval by Vivun® is designed to surpass the sky-high expectations of modern buyers, delighting them with an experience that enables them to realize tremendous value throughout their customer journey. It’s squarely on the shoulders of PreSales to drive this transformation.”

To schedule a demo of Eval by Vivun, visit Vivun’s website.

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