Visionaries Sid Ganis and Yoshi Akatsuka to Join EDGE Summit as Guest Speakers


LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 23, 2023 / — The upcoming EDGE Summit, a global AI & Web3 Investment Summit, is set to welcome two internationally renowned influential figures in the entertainment industry, Sid Ganis and Yoshi Akatsuka, as esteemed guest speakers. The EDGE Summit, scheduled for September 25th – 27th, 2023, in Hong Kong, will host insightful discussions on the integration of Web3 and AI technology in entertainment, aligning seamlessly with the vision of Hollywood 3.0 represented by H3 Entertainment (H3E).

Sid Ganis: A respected presence in Hollywood, recognized for his impact and achievements in the industry over decades. Ganis holds an Emmy Award for his role in producing “Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Additionally, Ganis was the chairman of the Oscars, the former president of Paramount Pictures, On the board of Marvel for 10 years until its sale to Disney.

Ganis’ experience brings unparalleled expertise to the EDGE Summit. With his deep understanding of traditional Hollywood methods and a Web 3.0 visionary outlook, Ganis offers unique perspectives on how we can glean from the evolution of entertainment as we embark on upcoming changes to the industry.

Yoshihito Akatsuka:(aka)Yoshi AKATSUKA , Yoshihito Akatsuka has earned the title of a leading figure in entertainment with merit. Akatsuka is a three-time Award nominee for his role as an art director. Akatsuka played a valuable role as a Set Decorator in the filming of Kill Bill: Vol. 1, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Babel and The Flowers of War. And, as a production designer, participated in many blockbusters including ‘Detective Dee 3’ and ‘Journey to the West’.

Akatsuka joins the EDGE Summit as a respected and honored figure in the entertainment world, speaking on the current and future state of the digital fashion revolution and entertainment consumption. His presence at the EDGE Summit underscores the importance of harnessing technology’s power in redefining entertainment experiences.

H3 Entertainment (H3E): Pioneering Hollywood 3.0 H3 Entertainment (H3E), representing Hollywood 3.0, leads the charge in integrating Web3, the Metaverse, and AI technology into entertainment creation. H3E’s CEO Jaysen Lai will speak about the Metaverse and its era of experiential entertainment. He will explore the entertainment industry’s inefficiencies and challenges. H3E is committed to building into the new era of entertainment. One where we leverage cutting-edge technology throughout the creative process. A process that brings Web 3.0 to modern entertainment.

Leading The Way Forward

Sid Ganis and Yoshi Akatsuka, both acclaimed experts in the entertainment field, will bring their invaluable perspectives to the EDGE Summit. The pair’s experience and deep understanding of the industry should illuminate how Web3 and AI integration can address long-standing challenges. Additionally, their insights could pave the way for a more cost-effective, equitable, and immersive entertainment industry.

The H3E team sees this as an opportunity to open doors for a new, innovative approach to the industry. One where it’s possible to remove social and economic barriers, allowing studios, fans, and creatives to benefit from new revenue streams and fostering a more equitable revenue distribution.

For those interested in hearing from leading figures in AI and Web 3.0 entertainment like Ganis and Akatsuka, tickets are available here.

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H3 Entertainment is a new, exciting force building from within the entertainment industry, spearheading a future for Hollywood 3.0. H3E has an unwavering commitment to transitioning into a new era of entertainment, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies along the way. H3E sees how Web3, the Metaverse, and AI tools will benefit entertainment creation and viewer experience. H3E’s vision is to make the industry more inclusive with solutions that include a digital IP marketplace and a community-centric production house. Initiatives that empower fans, creators, and investors to directly engage with their favorite content while simultaneously reinforcing the bond between intellectual property and its dedicated audience.

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