Virtual Science AI Launches Virtual Advisory AI

  • First in the life science industry to aggregate all interactive data from advisory boards and deliver AI-driven analytics on the trends, themes, and topics that matter
  • A virtual engagement platform designed to deliver the most effortless user experiences with customizable workflows to drive stakeholder engagement and improve insight generation
  • The platform is accessible via a web-based portal and through a mobile application, accessible anytime, anywhere

LONDON, April 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The team at Virtual Science AI is committed to helping improve the pharmaceutical industry’s engagement with its stakeholders, as the company launches Virtual Advisory AI. The virtual engagement platform offers a wide range of features, including synchronous, asynchronous interaction, co-collaboration tools and AI report generation capability. 

Tom Hughes

CEO of Virtual Science AI

As life science teams embrace hybrid work it’s an exciting time for virtual work solution providers to partner with teams to shape the ways of working with healthcare stakeholders for the better, we believe Virtual Science AI has built the next generation virtual engagement solutions that will move the needle on advisory board stakeholder experiences and insight management, Virtual Science AI is able to make sense of interactive data in ways that just have not been done before.”

The asynchronous engagement allows the participants of the advisory boards to provide input in virtual work environments at a time suitable to their schedules. It enables the participants to engage asynchronously around their time schedule over say a 2-week period, rather than a pre-set intensive 6-hour advisory board, this evolved approach results in a higher level of engagement and higher quality deep work outputs.” 

Advisory board decision-making process for any organization, irrespective of the industry, is often time-consuming, requiring a lot of deliberations and consultations. However, Virtual Science AI is working to help clients in the life science industry to enhance the process, so it is more seamless and faster without compromising the quality of the decision or output. The recently launched product will leverage Virtual Science AI’s virtual engagement and insight platform to enable the use of real-time and asynchronous, over-time engagement strategies to drive participant engagement and improve insight generation, leading to the generation of AI-driven insight reports on important trends, themes and topics relevant to life science teams.

The solution will equip stakeholders in the life science industry for compliant interactions with healthcare professionals, patient communities and decision-makers in a virtual environment without any barriers while improving strategic decisions. Virtual Advisory AI, a software as a service (SaaS) organization, improves on the current virtual advisory board solutions in the industry by providing medical and project manager led services that leverage the Virtual Science AI’s platform capabilities to run activities and delivers unique AI-generated insight reports collected from virtual engagement activities.

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About Virtual Science AI

Virtual Science AI is a global provider of virtual advisory boards services in the pharmaceutical industry. The company uses its virtual platform and AI models to enhance the engagement with stakeholders in R&D, Medical Affairs, Public Affairs and Commercial life science company functions. The goal is to help shape how life science teams engage with their stakeholders for the better and utilize interaction outputs to improve critical decision-making at various stages of the product life cycle to help bring solutions to patients.

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